SF Debris: Stargate SG-1 – Meet the Asgard

SF Debris looks at the Stargate episodes that introduce us to our alien friends: the Asgard, the Ancients, and a naked old man.

Part 2

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SG-1 has always been inconsistent about what happens when something passes through the event horizon. A canister of naquadah on a stick can be sent in then the stick pulled out minus the canister. O’Neill can wave his arm though it and keep his watch. There’s one episode where Teal’c is stored in a buffer between gates and they need a Dial Home Device to get him out. Another time they need to jump start a sun which the do by closing the wormhole and letting the element they were using spill out along the way. Though it’s left unclear… Read more »
Video 1, 6:17 – Vampires hard to kill? Do these guys honestly not know how many weaknesses vampires have that pretty much make them even wimpier than an army of ninjas? James Rolfe has a video explaining how many ways a vampire can be taken out (and, in his words, “That’s Bull$#!7!”). Video 2, 4:28 – There is a reason it’s called the X-Bone. 5:30 – Awww, that’s just “PRECCCIOUSSSSSS!” Molybdenum – I saw that one coming. Well played. Video 3: is this planet Cimmeria? Then where’s Conan? Why are they called the Asgard? Asgard means “home of the Aesir”;… Read more »

“Why do they call them the Asgard?”
The show is not exactly a 1:1 translation of mythology into science fiction. Stuff is jumbled to reflect how things get distorted down thru the ages.


That may be true, but if I were going to go through the trouble of adapting a mythology as inspiration for my work of fiction, I would want to show at least a bit of understanding of that mythology’s language.