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The unexpected pairing of Walter Koenig and Bruce Campbell gives us a sort of action movie about two astronauts who find a robot alien menace and are going to the moon to deal with it.

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  1. Seriously, though — if you had to choose between a phaser, Star Wars blaster, or a submachine gun, and you knew you had to do some killin’, wouldn’t you pick the submachine gun?

    “Defeat the combined armies of Rome” my pasty white programmer butt…

  2. 13:10 It’s called a Faraday cage, and it’s perfectly safe, in fact, its principle is used by linemen working with live, high-voltage cables.

    So, yeah, it’s possibly the safest place Mr. Chekov could have gone.

  3. Mera wears an oversized sci-fi toilet seat on her space suit and you don’t even mention it!?! What, was it so obvious you didn’t think it was worth mentioning?

  4. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    That was a good review but I think most people will click on this video because Bruce Campbells name is on it. But I don’t recommend you check out the sequel. It’s good that this movie isn’t bad but they had a movie with pat Marita and a star trek DS9 star that film you have to review sometime in the future.

    • Oh heck yeah! Aside from Michael Dorn and Pat “F’n” Morita ‘Timemaster’ has a character named Mordor as well as an appearance by Michelle Williams from ‘Oz The Great and Powerful’. It’s mid 90’s Sci-Fi Channel schlock but it’s of the better schlock variety.

      • MidnightScreeningsman2014

        Sounds interesting and funny you bring oz up since the blockbuster buster just did a top 10’on the film(is that a coincidence or not you be the judge)!!!

        • Maybe it’s one of those “X degrees of separation” things where everything comes back to Star Trek.
          Walter Koenig was in Moontrap (the original Star Trek TV series and six movies) and Star Trek: Generations which connects the old Enterprise crew with the Next Gen crew.
          The Next Gen crew were featured on an episode of Family Guy in which Mila Kunis voiced Meg.
          Mila Kunis was in Oz the Great and Powerful with Michelle Williams.
          Michelle Williams was in Timemaster with Michael Dorn who plays Worf of ST:TNG
          Michael Dorn played Worf’s grandfather in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country with Walter Koenig, as well as playing Worf in ST: Generations.

          And here was are on Channel Awesome with producers releasing works, days apart, with their own connections. 😀

          • (oops!) “here we* are” not “was”

            I really hate that we can’t EDIT these posts.

  5. TragicGuineaPig

    More people know Kardashians than people who walked on the moon? Maybe if we were in Bajoran space.

  6. NES? Nah, they’re clearly harnessing the immense power of the Sega Genesis for this soundtrack!

  7. So crazy: I just finished watching this movie on Youtube, and now here it is on Channel Awesome! :O
    It was an alright B movie. But, I was curious why Bruce had facial hair all of a sudden in the latter part of the film…

  8. What I’d really like to know is what kind of bullets those machine guns use since normal bullets need air for the chemical reaction that propels the projectile.

    • I think normal cartridges contain both fuel and oxidizer — that’s part of what makes them able to combust so rapidly.

      • The Grey Prophet

        Yeah, the Sowjet Union even build some kind of space cannon using self-oxidizing propellant. As weird as it sounds, guns in space are easy to make nowadays.

        Also this movie. Wow. I watched it as a kid and it was pretty gruesome for me. Especially since the movie looked like some kind of boring moon landing documentary with bad special effects at first. And then murder killbots showed up.

        • thespecialneedsgroup

          Not just built, they mounted one on Salyut 3…for some reason. It seems like a very poorly thought out idea, because the gun, a 23mm autocannon, was apparently fixed in position–you had to actually change the orientation of the entire station to aim the thing.

          It was never tested while cosmonauts were aboard–they were supposed to, but everyone thought that the recoil might damage the station and kill everyone. Mission control tried to remote fire it after the last mission, but it’s unclear if it worked or not.

      • Wille oxidizer can indeed be mixed with the propellant enough oxidizer to make the cartridge not require air would results in a significant decrease of the potential maximum speed of the projectile. That combined with the fact the submachine guns were found near skeletons that frankly wouldn’t have decayed from corpses unless in the presence of air and you see my problem with the guns working in space.

        I mean sure, those spacemen might have used self oxidizing cartridges but why would then if they were in an environment that would allow their bodies to decay? If I go to the moon and die there my corpse would remain a bloated frozen popsicle for as many aeons as it can avoid getting hit by something from space. Not only were those skeletons, meaning their flesh had to have rotten away, but they were half buried in lunar dust.

        • According to the “Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute” :

          “Oxygen from the air is not necessary for the combustion of smokeless
          powders since they contain sufficient built-in oxygen to burn
          completely, even in an enclosed space such as the chamber of a

          According to Wikipedia, the oxygen comes from the nitrocellulose.

  9. I don’t think you could carbon date a corpse found in space, unless that ship was totally radiation proof cosmic rays would reset it’s radioactive clock to much to reliably date it. A better way to date the ship would be by measuring the effect of micro-meteor strikes on the hull.

  10. The second Chekov busted out his moon tent I knew he was going to have moon sex with that moon babe.

  11. Before you showed the options, I was guessing it was written by Quentin Tarantino, but luckily I guessed the right answer appropriately.

  12. Timemaster, not to be confused with Timerider, about a Fred Ward riding a dirt bike through time into the old west.

    You know about Eliminators?! I rediscovered that movie a few years ago, after decades of trying to figure out if it was all a fever dream about ninjas robots and roman soldiers. I really hope you do a full review.

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