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Atlantis needs food, and the Genii seem like the answer, but they have a hidden secret. Then again, would you want to watch an hour of people working out a trade for beans?

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  1. If they teach them to make a Death Star I really hope that they design it with the stupid weakess as in the movies, because seriously, a giant space station capable of destroying planet destroyed by a tiny hole.

    But seriously, the whle stupid hole is designed to show the stupid Force habilities of Luke, if Lucas hadnt spend time trying to show stupid shit, the station would have a better defense.

  2. I can really see the Genii’s point of view on this entire affair. Of course they take it way to far later, but here at the start they’re being completely rational.

    The Atlantis team just bumbles from one damn disaster to another for their entire show run. It’s amazing the amount of damage they’re directly or indirectly responsible for. The galaxy would have been better off had they all hopped into an unstable wormhole and ended it all.

    • No, they aren’t being rational. You can understand them, sure. But they aren’t being rational. Their guy died because of his own stupidity. He shot a guy for being too loud, when shooting someone is even louder. And it was their previously stated position that it was okay to sacrifice people for the greater good. Chuck’s counterarguments are exactly right.

      They may have seemed rational before that point, but, after that, you really get that it’s just xenophobia. Rationally, the fault was no one’s but their guy, but they wanted to punish the outsiders.

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