SGIK Presents: Footloose Too

SGIK COMEBACK! Watch as the gang writes a new original never before told story involving a town that was forbidden to dance…

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  1. Oh hey, welcome back! Where have you guys been?!

    Great dance moves by Justin and the SGIK crew and post here more often!

  2. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Yeah you guys haven’t posted since june I was wondering about you guys now I’m glad to know that you guys are back and that you are guys I know(see what I did there heh!!!)

    Anyways glad to have you guys back and good video to return to the site. It would be crazy if you guys replaced the real movie a lot of America would catch onto it and be confused!!! I guess you guys could make your own inspired movie but it have to be direct to dvd(and I totally would buy it for under 10 dollars.

    Ok will we see you guys more can you guys not take as much of a long break? If you didn’t or did and just took it for as long as 3 months enjoy your days and see you guys next time(ok bye):)

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