SGIK Presents: Room Raiders

Wanna see a hott girl go through SGIK’s rooms to superficially decide if she wants to date them?? MTV used to have music videos…

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  1. Moviemantweeter1999

    At least this video let’s me like you guys more cause I’m starting to like you guys more. Glad two Saturdays ago wasn’t only one video your posting. Keep up the good work.☺

    • Well i’m glad you enjoyed! And we will probably be posting every two weeks. I wish we could do more but schedules of crew and cast is a big ol pain in my A.(ass/butt)

  2. I must know what happens next!!!

  3. Bluecollarmenproductions

    Yea that’s a good idea!!!! A sequel!!! Then have the other guys in it too!!!!! This is so funny how perfectly it rips on the show, that show was so stupid. You know you could make SGIK Room Raiders a web series. So funny, I like your random banana video too.

    • I do love a good sequel. I will think on it, i feel like we mocked the parts i always thought were the worst, but we didn’t even touch on the van and all that.. WILL. THINK.

  4. If only MTV was this self aware.

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