SGIK Presents: Some Guys…And a Baby

Some Guys I Know recreate the cinematic classic “Three Men and a Baby”… ish.

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  1. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    wow…this website hasn’t seen you guys in months. I have been on your youtube page mostly looking up your old videos so i kinda haven’t seen you guys in months like people on this site have.Still i wasn’t entertained by this at all. Except for the ending which made me laugh.but maybe you guys just aren’t for me. also i commented cause the girl had a cute cat and said please.

  2. It’s about time for SGIK to post some more funny videos. They always seem to be original and funny. Loved the little girl. She could be a child star.

  3. Aww….. *BOOM* Well thanks you got my Daww meter to explode X_x

  4. That was better then the original Three men and a baby movie.

  5. Kitten. Kid. Kute. The perfect KKK.

  6. Awesome! Cute, clever, with universal appeal.

  7. Hahahaha DON’T HELP ME

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