Shadow of War – Angry Trailer Reaction

AngryJoe & OtherJoe React to the recent surprise Shadow of War Reveal! Will OLGOTH RETURN?! and a $300 version? For Real?!

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3 Comments on "Shadow of War – Angry Trailer Reaction"


What a coincidence. I actually saw this trailer about an hour ago as an ad. The ring is of interest to me but it’s not worth the price.


I remember finding the first one kind of frustrating. The fact that the enemies get stronger when they kill you just added insult to injury. Admittedly, I didn’t fully give the game a chance though. I made the mistake of getting it on the xbox 360, the frame rate was so terrible, and the load times so long, it was nigh unplayable.

I bought the first game over a year and a half ago as one of the first games in my library when I got my PS4. Sadly, I have yet to play it. Hopefully after I finish Persona 5, I’ll finally have time. As to the pricing, I have to agree. Pre-ordering a game these days is not necessary, since it’s kinda hard to run short on digital copies, and “exclusive” content isn’t going to stay that way for more than a few months. So why not make pre-ordering more rewarding by offering lower prices on that extra content? I’d… Read more »