Shadow of War HAS Microtransactions!? – Angry Rant

You know what was missing from Middle Earth that everyone wanted? MICROTRANSACTIONS! In our Singleplayer RPGS! REJOICE because now WB and Monolith are giving us what we all didn’t know we wanted! …NO! Angry Rant Time!

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Joe I understand your frustration with this Micro-Action Bull Shit I mean why Do you have to pay 60$ for a game and have to pay ANOTHER 100$ for some BULL SHIT DLC This is why I hate WB online play and why I never buy any of there games Matter infect I tried DC Online and I have to Pay something like 60 a month for season to play the rest of the story While a Free to Play Game like let say STAR TREK ONLINE a vary simaller Game to DC Online but in Star Trek (Story based… Read more »

Maybe it’s because I only buy one or two video games a year but I still have not come across a micro-transaction in a console game. However, I’ll probably be pretty pissed if I ever do come across this situation.

Is this REALLY that bad? Microtransactions aren’t always a horrible thing. Some people simply don’t have the time to do the grind to get all the best loot because they are to busy doing their job to earn a paycheck. But they enjoy the time they do have playing this game and so they spend some of their paycheck to get some loot, to effectively make up for the time they don’t have to play this game. If this was a multiplayer focused game, then I would be beside Joe. But no, it’s a single player game. In fact, it… Read more »
Chicken Puppet

Depends – are they padding the game with monotonous grinding to entice people to spend real world money, or is it simply a short-cut for people who apparently buy a game, then spend money to remove all challenge and make it end quicker?

Seems like they could have added an “easy” mode with frequent high loot drops for those players instead of developing a business model like this to make them pay more to enjoy the product, no?