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Everyone’s favourite giant, Shaq, has released a delicious (?) line of sodas – let’s try a couple of them! Oh I get it, Soda Shaq… very funny.

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  1. “Arizona” is a brand name that makes iced tea in big cans like that. I assume Shaq Soda is made by them. Though he might also be from Arizona, for all I know.

    I hate it when they do unreasonable serving sizes just to make the calorie count seem lower. 3 servings, because I’m sure there are people who drink 1/3 of a can of soda, then leave it in the fridge to get flat before having the rest with lunch, then finally finish up the completely fizz-less soda at dinner.

  2. That’s quite a markup on those sodas.

  3. Yeah, Arizona doesn’t make the best soda, their iced teas are nice though.

    You want a good orange cream soda you go with Stewart’s

  4. OH! I’ve had these before. The orange creme one was okay. The blueberry one was ew, in my opinion. Oh, and Arizona is a drink company from the United States.

  5. “Orange Cream Soda, which sounds like the worst thing in the world …”
    … What the fuck is wrong with you? I’ve never tried the Shaq one, but Stewart’s orange cream and Henry Weinhardt’s orange cream are easily some of the best sodas in existence.

    Arizona is the brand. They don’t make very good soda, their main focus is canned tea. I’m not a big fan of them, I mean their tea is the best thing they make, and even then, Peace Tea is much better. Also all of Arizona’s cans are that size, it’s not just the Shaq ones.

  6. hey mike, do you really not know how to ready nutritional information or were you taking the piss? the percentages are what percentage of your daily requirements are in the can based on a 2,000 calorie a day diet, not what percentage of the can’s contents are carbs for example.

  7. Mike somehow found these things in the UK when I couldn’t even find them here in the States…

    Oh well. I don’t really feel like I missed anything spectacular. Now, if only I could find Arizona’s Orangeade again… Do they still even make that?

  8. so… are you going to make a new shameful sequels episode soon ? IMHO that is where you are at your best

  9. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I had one of these which was the strawberry one and I absolutuley loved it!!! Too bad though you didn’t like it(guess I won’t be trying those favors if they come back).

  10. Shaq Soda may not be the worst idea, but it just seems stupid over all. In some ways, I am surprised Shaq did not do this years ago, could have worked better back in the 90’s when Shaq was in movies (he still cant act).

    I will say, at first I was thinking Shaq Soda may have been some variant energy drink as opposed to flavored creme sodas. Still though, they may not be bad, but its still just dumb.

  11. I pointed out on YouTube that Arizona is made in Brooklyn, NY, because Mike questioned why it was called Arizona. For some reason other YouTube folks can’t let that go. Honestly, he asks right in the video, so I answered because we know that Mike sometimes reads his comments.

    People are nuts.

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