Shark Jumping: Dollhouse

Tim & Beth wipe their brains clean to find out when Joss Whedon’s biggest “meh” show jumped the shark. Does anyone hear an echo?

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Hosts Tim & Beth break down the best, worst and strangest TV shows to find out when they jumped the shark.


  1. You gotta do Once Upon a Time. AND SIMPSONS…..

    • IMHO, Once jumped the shark after they killed Cora and Snow spent the day in bed crying like a fucking baby and even asked Regina to kill her over doing something completely justifiable and even though she killed people before in flashbacks. This is where the morality of the show turned childishly black and white. Killing is ALWAYS bad no matter what!

    • ifyourereadingthis

      I’m dying for them to do The Simpsons!
      And The Office! (Which, in my opinion, jumped the shark with the intro of Andy Bernard)

  2. Really struggled not to turn it off after the theme tune comments.

    • Yeah, I think he might just be a hater, because all the themes I know, which is all but doll house’s, are amazing. Especially Firefly’s. Of course it sounds like the losing side of the civil war’s music. They’re the losers and they are outlaws. He needs to hand in his geek card and not expect it back for a good long time.

      • Agreed, just because a lot of the opening themes are pretty down tempo doesn’t mean they are bad. Firefly in particular actually has one of the greatest opening themes ever.

  3. I liked Dollhouse more than most, however agreed never been an Eliza fan, Victor and Serra were the highlight.
    Also how dare you, you can’t take the sky from me!

  4. “Jumped the shark”? If anything, the show started out mediocre-at-best and then rather suddenly improved as it went along. (In BOTH seasons, strangely enough.)

  5. This is the second episode of yours which was more insulting than funny, at least to me. And I thought the last time it was because I liked that show but I have never even seen this one. I want to give you chance because I have liked some other episodes or at least discover something new with them. But that’s two strikes so far. I really hope you get’ll better, really, but so far it doesn’t look good to me.

  6. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I could have seen them making so more spin offs and more things for this brand like they did with firefly if they had just ended it on the matrix plot twist(but I knew that was the shark jumping moment of this show). But o.k. Review and can’t wait till you guys review full house!!

  7. I really liked the idea and concept of Dollhouse. The show never really never did a whole lot with those ideas.

  8. I was weary of Dollhouse because I felt burned by Tru Calling which came out earlier. The premise was interesting, but devolved into an excuse to dress up Dushku in all the soft-core porno roles. When they started hitting that well in the second and third episode of Dollhouse I gave up on it.

    I must admit this seems atypical for Shark-jumping. Usually, the shark jumping moment comes when a series has been on so long they’ve run out of ideas. (ie a Cheers, or Fraiser, or the Simpsons). This struggled to a second season before getting the axe. I can’t really call that their shark jumping moment.

    Maybe something like ‘The Office’ or ‘Desperate Housewives’.

  9. Wow, I disagree on a fundamental level with you on the theme song stuff. I downloaded the “Angel” theme for my workout playlist.

    Sounds like the show would have ended up being a ho-hum science fiction program had it just run for a third season.

  10. Really? Angel has a bad theme song? To quote current slang….I can’t even.

  11. Great review, but I wish you’d said more about Amy Acker’s character Whisky/Dr. Saunders. To me, the show jumped the shark when the actress left early in the second season, just as her character was starting to get really interesting.

  12. That’s a cello you uncultured swine.

  13. Wow, oversenitive much? I personally like the Angel theme song, but even I laughed my ass off at that joke.

    THIS is why people are so afraid to talk about Joss Whedon’s work! Even the weakest of criticism elicits rioting in the streets and people demanding that you revoke your geek card.

    Yes, Joss Whedon has created some of the most iconic and quotable shows and movies in recent memory. He has a true talent for writing witty dialogue and subverting the audience’s expectations. But his work also has its flaws, and that’s fine, that’s normal. Every artist has their good and bad points, and for some the bad points may outweigh the good (and the fact that it’s overhyped as hell might not help).

    For example, there are quite a few plot points in Buffy that never get resolved or are hand-waved away (Tara and Willow’s reconciliation, anyone?) despite their importance to the narrative/ characters. And don’t even get me started on Age of Ultron and the systematic ignoring of character development from other entries into the MCU. (Steve still being stuck in the 40’s despite the fact that he was adjusting pretty well in TWS, etc). You can like something while still acknowledging that it’s not perfect.

  14. Jonathan Gillispie

    Hey Josh Whedon theme songs are usually good (with exception to Dollhouse). I actually kinda love the Angel opening theme music. I don’t why, but it has a good feel to it. The Firefly one is excellent.

  15. You know I always felt that way of Eliza’s acting. I never thought it was that good. As faith she was good but going beyond that no way. I just found her lacking in acting ability. As for the other two I really liked them and glad to see they continued to do stuff. Granted wasn’t too keen on her playing Skye/Daisy’s mom on Agents of SHIELD but still not a bad job. And yeah you so should have talked more about Amy Acker too, she is the best of all.

  16. Controversial opinion in 3-2-1: I think Whedons most ‘meh’-show was Firefly.

  17. This came out in 2009 huh?

    Well no wonder it passed me by; I was too busy watching nerd reviews about old stuff that I may or may not have heard of, even way back when!

  18. It’s funny, you have a show called “Shark Jumping” and you clearly don’t get the concept at all.

    A show jumps the shark when it hits its peak and will never be that good again. Dollhouse is the rare series that has its best stuff after it was cancelled. Its worst episodes were the early ones, and the best ones were the late ones. It didn’t jump the shark. If anything it did the opposite.

    That you had trouble following it is a problem with you, not with the show, it was pretty clear what was going on.

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