Shark Jumping: Pawn Stars

Tim & Beth get more than they bargained for when they tackle long-standing History Channel reality TV smash, Pawn Stars.

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  1. I haven’t seen too much of this show, but I enjoyed the small amount of episodes I did see as a former pack rat who had to sell a lot of things due to life happening.

    I did catch an episode recently and I agree the show completely jumped the shark when it stopped being about actual pawning and more of the family bickering and “comedy”.

    Is Subway sponsoring you guys now? 😛

  2. God I don’t care that they jumped the shark. I LOVE that show!!!

  3. To be fair about Olivia, she was only a temporary character. I don’t know her current employment but she was still employed at the shop after History made them take her off the show.

    • Also, I too love the show and 24 hour marathons. If it wasn’t for Science running a two week, all-episode marathon of Mythbusters at last year’s end I probably would’ve been watching Pawn Stars.

  4. Love that Old Man impression. Please try to do it again sometime.

    As far as jumping the shark . . . as soon as you start arranging scenes to film, whether fully scripted or semi scripted, that’s where I say it ceases being what it should be and becomes just another phony reality show.
    I really miss the old History Channel.

    • One more thing. As I wasn’t really into the show I never knew just how bad Pawn Stars was…as-in how scripted it was. I’d like to say “Thank You, Tim and Beth” for educating me. I now like the show a little less than I did and that’s a good thing for me because I hate it when reality shows script away reality.

  5. I have seen “customers” bring into that Las Vegas pawn shop the exact same specific object that I’d previously seen the American Pickers guys find buried in a pile of garbage in some Midwest hoarder’s barn. Literally, it was the exact same “prop”, for want of a better term.

  6. I’m more of a Storage Wars person myself.

    The thing I can’t stand on both of those shows though is the formulaic way it’s edited to raise tension.
    “I’ll give you (camera angle changes to customer, camera angle changes back, sound que) X dollars”

  7. Yeah, after seeing all this, I still will watch this show if given the chance, and I can blame my cousin for that. Don’t care if it’s scripted, it’s nice to see all these great antiques being pawned off, especially Pat “The NES Punk” being there too.

  8. Why does this show exists?

  9. I’ve never heard of this show, but your analysis does make me appreciate Dog the Bounty Hunter more and more. The family drama of the show was never scripted and the Chapmans are a legitimately fascinating set of people.

  10. See this is the reason of why I never watched History Channel for the past six or seven years, this Pawn Stars and shows like Ax Men and Swamp Men betrayed and turned that channel off for me possibly forever or until further notice when they go back to the good old days of everything in actual human history like over ten years ago.

    • Ratings and money betrayed the channel. The History Channel of old (8-15 years ago) had programs that taught actual history and could be of value in a classroom setting. Now too much of it is garbage as it’s become too much of a business rather than a service to humanity. I miss ‘Dogfights’ and all those programs about disasters, ancient civilizations and still unexplained phenomena. Reality tv, and phony reality tv is going to have to die out before things get back to the way they were.
      F-ing Survivor and American Idol are largely responsible for the crap on nowadays.

    • I don’t know what it says about me, but I highly enjoyed “The Men Who Built America” and “Sons of Liberty.”

      So they appear to have some gems buried beneath the refuse; well, I’ll also admit to having watched an episode or three of “Mountain Men” when I was playing as a ranger in Pathfinder. =Þ

  11. Aside from “the pawn shop is now a tourist attraction,” there really isn’t much content to this video that one doesn’t get from actually watching the show. Just a lot of frankly mean-spirited digs at a bunch of – let’s face it – successful people. You’re talking about this like you’re talking about Duck Dynasty or Swamp People or, hell, Storage Wars or something. Pawn Stars is harmless. Despite it being scripted, it’s generally harmless.

  12. I watch Pawn Stars for the same reason I watched Deadliest Warrior. A lot of the historic items are really interesting and the bits of flavor between are mildly annoying at worst and stupidly funny at best.

  13. I kind of like the show, and oddly enough met Chumm Lee at a comic book convention in Toronto, and he was there with the ex mayor of Toronto.

    It was surreal, to say the least.

  14. Even more odd, considering he was one the guests, for the convention as well too.

  15. Have you done SHARK TANK?

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  17. Tim & Beth, how about a Shark Jumping video about the Hugh laurie series “House M.D”? You think it could work? I would personally like to see that.

  18. Okay, Hardcore Pawn and Pawn Stars were bad enough puns, but Pawnography? Fuck you, TV executives. Also, you say people like the dipshit because he’s dumber than them, but I don’t buy it. They like him because he’s AS DUMB as them.

  19. Awesome video!! Keep up the good work!

  20. Chumlee has a fiance now? Has he finally started to bathe? Or is she just a golddigger?

    I went into that shop a couple of times – both before and after they had a show and Chumlee was greasier and smellier than a bowel movement after eating Taco Bell for every meal for a week.

    However, he’s supposedly an expert on shoes.

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