Shark Jumping…Taking a Break

Tim & Beth announce that they’re taking a sabbatical from Shark Jumping for a couple of months.
It’s like that Ross & Rachel “we were on a break!” thing, except not like that at all.

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About SharkJumping

Hosts Tim & Beth break down the best, worst and strangest TV shows to find out when they jumped the shark.


  1. Congrats on all your success. I hope everything goes great, but I also hope that we see you guys back sometime soon.

  2. Though you say you’ll be back, this feels like goodbye. Thanks for the fun and very well-done episodes you’ve done, and hopefully we’ll see you back from time to time.

    • General-trilane Jochum

      Yeah, I thought it was about taking a break, but the minute she said ‘reassess’, I could kind of feel it. I’m excited for their success and wish them luck, but the fact that they know there is a possibility they won’t be coming back for Shark Jumping kind of feels more like prepping us for their departure. Of course, my pessimistic brain just forces me to think like that, so they may come back after all. Either way, thank you for your episodes and the laughs you’ve given me, specifically the “Old Man” impersonation from your Pawn Stars episode. My brother and I quote it back and forth all the time.

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