Shark Movies: Pulp Fintion

Say what again.

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  1. I actually don’t understand this one but maybe it’s because I’ve never seen Pulp Fiction.

    • I haven’t seen much of it, but a lot of this is making fun of (I THINK) the final scene where Samuel Jackson is holding someone at gunpoint asking him a bunch of weird questions like “About your partner… does he look like a Bitch?” then the confused guy is like “What?” and Samuel Jackson repeats “I said… Does He Look Like a BITCH?!” “What?!” to which Samuel Jackson responds “English, mother-f*cker! Do you speak it?!” and then starts quoting a random passage from the bible before killing the guy.

      So that should MAYBE help a bit?

      • Not the final scene it’s one of the best known scenes in the movie and it’s towards the beginning of the film, were him and Vincent are getting a briefcase these guys stole from their boss

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