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Right when you thought it was safe to Review Bad Movies! The Blockbuster Buster takes a look at Shark Tale.

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  1. This movie was okay, but definitely not great. Too many references, too many puns, and it’s no wonder Finding Nemo was the superior film when it came out next to this.

  2. I guess that you are busting the 1984 Supergirl movie with Helen Slater.

  3. Oh wow, the orca @ 13:49 (and every other orca in this movie) looks exactly like Erod.

  4. Good job, looking forward to your review of Supergirl!

  5. It makes me sad that I once liked this movie as a kid. But now that I’m older….. I can’t stand to watch this movie! It’s really terrible! How on earth did I even manage to sit in front of this cartoon when I was nine?!

  6. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Watched this video Friday when it came to your new YouTube channel but waited for other people to comment on this so that I wouldn’t be first(cause that would have certainly been rude). Anyways good review I remember mr.enter (TheMysteriousMr.Enter) having this for one of his reviews if his patreon goal was met but that hasn’t happened yet and as stated last week I thought Doug would review this first but it’s cool that your reviewing it(and I never thought you would I might add).

    I saw this movie back in the day but now i think it’s just really stupid(what with all the fish puns and all the other bad puns and all the celeb voices). I can undoubtly say to myself that this I think is probably dreamworks animations worst movie(and I know how much you hate shrek the 3rd but let us commenters admit to ourself at least that film had more likable characters and the side plot where the princesses the damsels in distress save themselves and kick a lot of butt while doing it). Also to point out why shrek the 3rd is better then this at least the movie had one quiet moment where none of the characters talked and there was only a joke where they put his body in a shoebox(meanwhile this flick can’t go one moment without making a joke).

    Now for a shift of change,I noticed that at the end credits your reviewing super girl next week(which must be the 1980s bomb of a movie) but your probably reviewing it cause the tv series has came out. I thought though somebody in the comments would point out that the nostalgia chick and linkara reviewed this together but since your one of my favorite Internet reviewers I’ll probably like your review better so good luck surviving that film!!’!!!

  7. Oh God, this movie.

    I used to work at an office store, and to try to become “mainstream” we started selling TVs, HDDVD players, and movies.

    This played on a loop next to my terminal/repair desk for over a year. Eventually, we were able to show The Princess Bride. a much better movie by a factor of infinity.

  8. I think this is my top quilty pleasure movie.

  9. I know people hate this film but I tolerate it a lot more then Shrek the 3rd.

  10. Thank you for busting this E-Rod!

    Not to get into too much of a rant, but this movie to me represents everything that was terrible about the 2000s pop culture, and this movie was released at the pinnacle of that suckage in 2004. Op top of that it’s by Dreamworks, who are probably the most obvious offenders outside of those cranked out spoof movies.

    This movie symbolizes the worst aspects of that era.

    – fart jokes
    – throw away random pop culture refrences and parodies that don’t actually tie in to the plot
    – odd celebrity voice casting choices that feel dated
    – expensive and flashy production values that yield garish and ugly designs
    – broad, stupid stereotypes
    – crass and unlikable main characters
    – no depth or character development because we can’t stop the noisy action, gotta go go go!
    – nonsense plot when you examine it

    I felt like I was screaming into the wind when I told people how bad these (Dreamworks) movies were, but they loved ’em and couldn’t get enough of ’em…and mainly I think they were just dazzled by the bright, expensive animation and liked the actors who voiced the characters (which for the record I do too).

    Now there are some amazing movies and entertainment from this era too (I enjoyed Kung-Fu Panda), but Shark’s Tale is not among them!

  11. Here’s a sad fact: this movie was nominated an Oscar for Best Animated Feature, probably because there wasn’t any other animated films to be nominated so they just threw this in (even though they could’ve nominated Polar Express. It’s no masterpiece, but it at least tried harder than this movie). Thank God it didn’t win the Oscar.
    And to add more salt to the wound, one of the 3 directors (yes, THREE) also directed 2010’s Gulliver’s Travels.

  12. You’re going to be reviewing Supergirl? *sigh* You think you can do it without beating us over the head? No, of course not. Anything even tangentially related to Superman turns you into a bludgeon-happy asshole. Seriously, dude, just to see if you can do it, make a rule for this review that you will not mention The Movie That Shall Not Be Named? My head’s still sore from the last time.

    • MidnightScreeningsman2014

      Than just do me one favor: don’t watch the review if you know what it’s gonna be like if you don’t like it then just don’t even bother and ignore it and wait till Erods next review.

  13. This just goes to show you that you need more than annoying characters and pop culture references to make a good movie. You need an actual script.

  14. People think this is worse than Shrek 3? God no. Shark Tale blows hard, but Shrek 3 is one of the worst animated movies I’ve ever seen. Shark Tale is just really stupid (and yeah maybe slightly offensive).

  15. What’s funny is you could have done the same movie with the same cast and almost exact same plot in live action and not wasted all that budget on animation….

  16. Fun fact: Robert De Niro repeatedly refused to voice Hopper in A Bug’s Life, but said yes to this.

  17. It’s better than Food Fight, but that’s not saying much.

  18. This is indeed a bad movie. But I wouldn’t be surprised: After all, it was partly written and directed by Rob Letterman, the guy who messed up Gulliver’s Travels with Jack Black, which, if you remember, also had pointless size/Gulliver-Puns and movie references.
    One thing I like is that the logo is involved with the movie, the boy is fishing in the actual sea, this is creative. But: The fart jokes and movie references kids won’t probably get? Seriously?
    One other thing: Do you like Spongebob? After all: They also have electrical devices and even a beach under water, which must be strange as well.

  19. I remember seeing this movie and once it was over, me and a friend of mine would joke at the way Will Smith’s character would speak. We ended up nicknaming his character, “Will Smith Gibberfish”
    He’s a Fish
    Played by Will Smith
    And he speaks gibberish

  20. I hated this movie. HATED, HATED, HATED, HATED this movie. To quote Roger Ebert.

  21. While this movie is bad your review isn’t anything to write home either. This has to be your worst review yet. For a review as short as this was you sure were grasping at straws, how does electricity work underwater indeed.


    • Eh. Frankly I thought his Monster House review was worse.

    • I think a lot of reviewers do those nitpicks when the explanation really is: I’ts an animated family film with talking fish!…suspend your disbelief a little!

      However, the review was spot on, and there’s not much else to say about this movie. The plot is a slight variation on the “liar revealed” as Doug Walker has dubbed it, the gags are dumb, and the characters are pop-culture spouting stereotypes.

  22. IMO, Shark Tale and Shrek 3 are the only truly horrible DreamWorks movies.

  23. Erod, I liked this review a lot. You kept the “live action bits” to a minimum. I always dislike those anyway, not just in your reviews.

  24. I actually like Shark Tale. I watched the HECK out of it as a kid. Shrek 3 is the worst Dreamworks movie. I think that too many people read too deep into this movie. The movie is about keeping a secret, ANY secret and not just one particular secret, from your parents. This movie has stupid moments but it’s pretty fun to watch, in my opinion. Also, I was surprised that you glazed over the Angelina Jolie fish subplot.

  25. I watched this movie as a kid, and I enjoyed it well enough. The sharks scared the hell out of me, and like you said in the review, it’s quite depressing so it was pretty much at the bottom of my DVD library, maybe for good reason. I have no idea why you were nitpicking and trying to put logic to stuff that obviously wasn’t meant to make sense, but for the most part I think you did a decent job. I stopped watching it after I found out it was made by white guys trying to stay “hip” and after looking at it when I was 12. I think the makers did a decent job hitting the kids demographic, but once you grow smart enough, the movie becomes rather horrible, which is why many critics despise movies like this.

  26. Well, everything E-Rod said about this movie and how it is emblematic to how Pixar is superior to Dreamworks: Every single thing he mentions also applies to Cars 2, only perhaps even more so.

    Shark Tale is a horrible animated movie with unlikable characters doing unlikable things and being rewarded for it while being extremely racist and offensive.

    Cars 2 is exactly the same except that we have to spend the entirety of the run with Larry the Cable guy instead of Will Smith. At least Will Smith’s voice and speak mannerisms aren’t inherently annoying to sit one and a half hours with.

    And then CARS is the Pixar franchise that’s receiving sequel after sequel after spinoff…

    • Oh, and the minority that Cars 2 is offensive to? DISABLED PEOPLE! WHAT THE FLYING FUCK, PIXAR?

    • Well, Cars sells a ton of merchandise, even when there’s no current movie. That’s why it gets sequels, despite the fact that the first film’s plot didn’t really lend itself to a sequel. Now, deciding to frame a sequel around the comic relief sidekick, while not unheard of, is usually a bad sign as well.

  27. At least Shrek The 3rd had a purpose… (and wasn’t offensive afaik) I would explain that this movie may run on SpongeBob logic, but that SpongeBob clip already did it for me. I never really knew what Martin Scorcese sounded like, but I NEVER want to see him as a blowfish! Speaking of which, real-life blowfish are actually cute because they look like they’re smiling constantly:

    I also agree that Pixar is better, for obvious reasons…

  28. Don’t you badmouth Roger Corman >:(

  29. While this was a bad movie to be sure, Erod was unnecessarily grasping for straws when he complained about showing an onscreen death in a kids movie/show since it’s been done before like Farthing Wood, Redwall, Secret of Nimh, hell even My Little Pony Friendship is Magic has an onscreen villain death in the season 3 premier with the villain is blown to pieces not to mention the many anime shows like DBZ or Gundam that mainly targeted young viewers in Japan.

  30. Fun review; video stream seemed unusually choppy, though…

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