Shave and a Haircut, Two Clips – WTFIWWY Live

This week: a call for reports of “criminal aliens” yields unanticipated results, a fundamental failure to understand the purpose of drug sniffing dogs and there’s a serial cat shaver on the loose …

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  1. TragicGuineaPig

    First story: Where’s that History Channel guy with the hair?

    Hermione Granger even did a movie about the loss of privacy, and strangely enough, the film doesn’t do enough to actually address the issue in any meaningful way. It’s just matter-of-fact; it’s not like anyone in the film actually learns anything from the situation. Go see Real-Life Indiana Jones or Machine-Gun Raccoon with Talking Tree instead.

    Budweiser storing their products under horse urine? What’s the difference?

  2. @12:23 And this why all of my domestic robots 20 years from now will run open source Linux based OSes with milspec encryption

    • Or they continue to include Open-source in there Closed software, and never update it. (There are running commercial software’s out there, still using the rely old OpenSSL.)

      PS: Many IoT cant use high level encryption because of the needed processing power. But Some would still be better then none. (See Bluetooth locks transmitting name&password in readable form. <- Bluetooth LowEnergy does not use default encryption for connection, the app has to encrypt its data.)

      PPS: It would already be a major win if the data would only go to a local server, and not aggregated somewhere on a server which is collecting everybody's data and therefore a much more interesting target.

    • TragicGuineaPig

      For some reason, the Microsoft robots will keep calling everyone “Dave,” and will keep saying that they can’t do that.

      • Or alternatively:
        “Everyone is dead Dave. Everyone is dead, Everyone is dead Dave.”

      • Wouldn’t that be IBM computers?
        (H+1=I, A+1=B, L+1=M)

        • TragicGuineaPig

          If it was an IBM 5100, we could use it for time travel experiments. Or at least to hack CERN and prevent them from using their time travel technology to institute a totalitarian dystopian regime. “I AM MAD SCIENTIST IT’S SO KEEWWWWLU! sonuvabitch!”

          • IBM “Watson” would be a candidate.
            That thing cab predict astonishing things about IBM-Workers. (They test it as assistant on there workplaces)

  3. If I’m being attacked and I have my gun, my situation has improved immensely.

  4. Having worked telephone jobs, I can guarantee you that the people taking calls on the “Alien Hotline” would take EVERY call that reported ET had landed – you live for anything different. Particularly when they’re probably the sort of low paid drudges who are never voting for the present government (even assuming they’re not in Mexico). And since it is drummed into you that YOU AE NOT PAID TO THINK YOU JUST TAKE THE CALLS, you’re probably bulletproof on doing so!

  5. Higher video quality, same really, really compressed audio. If you can get better video, you should be able to get better audio.

    Can’t Nash help you (Tara) get your audio situation worked out? He’s kinda a pro at this.

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