Shin Godzilla – Blood Splattered Vlog

This week The Horror Guru reviews SHIN GODZILLA, a.k.a. GODZILLA RESURGENCE!

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The final shot of G’s tail is creepy AF.


As it should..


Did you say “fringe” or “French”? Because I kept hearing “French” for some reason, and it kept reminding me of those guys from that fake Godzilla movie from the 90s. You know, the one with Ferris Bueller as the Worm Guy?

I liked in it that it acknowledge thet there is f*g American base is Japan, and also the ending.. well.. I totally understand why he decide to not spoil it. And about Legendary Godzilla.. for some reason people miss that despite different more natural stance its design is in fact really close to early showa designs so any complains about that are stupid. And about execution.. yes, Shin Godzilla has more humans in it but it is executed great in that aspect. In Legendary Godzilla problem was that movie skip funny parts too much.. it would work at the beginning… Read more »