Should Bad Singers be Dubbed?

So many good actors have bad voices, is it time we just say their singing pipes should be tuned?

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  1. Some are good some are bad but i do not notice i am not that good at noticing them i just listen don’t break it down

  2. Seems pretty unfair to throw the Moana references in when that song is absolutely fine. The song WORKS, and whether you’re a good singer or not pales in comparison to whether it fits the story, character and situation. Which I think you were trying to get at, but the sharp jibes about various singers here (most of whom don’t deserve it) aren’t needed.

    The only ones that probably deserve the criticism are most of the cast of Les Miserables. Since they clearly cast that film based on star pull rather than singing (or even acting) ability, it’s no surprise Jackman and especially Crowe sound utterly terrible compared to the one (Hathaway) who can actually sing.

    Dub things when it’s needed, ie when you’ve cast a big name and they can’t sing a pigging note. Not when they clearly can and that it’s going to work for the film.

  3. imo i thought the rock’s singing was great..

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