Sibling Rivalry: Jurassic World

Which one liked it and which one didn’t?

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  1. Clearly, I and Rob don’t see eye to eye on the first JP’s character work. While Grant and Sattler will never go down in history for having the greatest chemistry, their relationship does have way more credibility than you give it credit for. And certainly more than this movie’s tacked-on subplot. The fact that the Grant/Sattler situation is never really defined beyond Grant expressing having hidden romantic thoughts about her (or, at the very least, protective, once Malcolm expresses interest in her) has relatability. Sattler and Grant both obviously like each other, but it’s very uncertain whether Sattler feels the same way too or merely fondness for a co-worker. If anything, Malcolm having more natural chemistry with Sattler just puts me more in Grant’s shoes who doesn’t have that playful quality to him.

    Sattler and Grant have little to no arc, but that’s something I’ve grown to appreciate later in life. Or maybe it’s a flaw. Or maybe I have a tendency to settle for little.

  2. Also, I WISH I had Doug’s passion of a 10-year-old for this kind of nothing. I watched the movie not even knowing what I want to see from it. I couldn’t get worked up over anything – not loving the dinosaur action, not hating CGI, nothing. All I could pay any real attention to was the transparent writing, which, according to Rob, was there in the original too, I guess.

    Hello, I’m dead inside.

  3. An enigma that I’ll never resolve (sorry for spamming) is how Doug goes on about CGI yet he approves of Man of Steel’s meaningless destruction with no dramatic weight, choreograph or any kind of flare for shooting action in a compelling way.

    ok, I’m done now.

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