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Having screwed up planet Earth with war and pollution, we now head to a nearby planet to screw that one up with war and pollution. Rock on!

Part 2.

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  1. Philippe GEORGES

    Clips don’t work for me. The ones on your homepage don’t either.

  2. RestlessVagabond

    I had a lot of fun with this game when it came out.

  3. “Alien Crossfire” – CROSSFI-IRE! C R O S S F I I I I I I R R R E !!!!

    • This. The new factions are so much more fun – even if you play without the alien factions. The Cult, the Data-angels, the pirates, the cyborgs – so much fun!

  4. I was wondering why you went for Morgan Industries given that they seem canonically like the faction that would be least likely to get the most interesting ending, but then I realized that Morgan would probably be the best “character” to work-off from a comedic perspective. Let’s face it, playing as the character Pravin Lal would amount to just facepalming at what the other leaders are doing plus bureaucracy jokes, while Lady Diedre that plus hippy jokes, and Zhakarov would be that plus mad scientist jokes.

  5. Love this game to bits. So many different ways to wage war, especially with the expansion. Hack the one faction and make them go to war with another faction? Perfectly viable. Submarine aircraft carriers loaded with nukes and “fungal payload” cruise missiles that destroy terrain enhancements and spawn feral mindworms? Yes. There are so many unit customizations… love it!

  6. Favorite faction for me is the Scientific one. :3

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