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You’ve seen that Silent Night can be a Deadly Night, but in 1972 it was also a Bloody Night!

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  1. It’s also weird that this movie was released before the original Black Christmas.

    1:17- Like protesting the Vietnam War.

    2:51- Sounds more like the theme to Silent Night, CREEPY night.
    It’s been a long damn time since you reviewed a movie with John Carradine; the last one being Billy the Kid vs. Dracula almost 6 years ago.

    6:52- Someone should REALLY make something called “An Evil Dead Christmas.”

    15:53- I’m starting not to like this version of The Ghost of Christmas Past. He’s so damn dark and depressing.

    So, the remake of Silent Night, Deadly Night next week? I know Phelous did it 4 years ago, but still.

    20:32- And Oogieloves, and Oh Heavenly God, and Captain America ’90, and Power Pack, and Tarzan the Ape Man, and A Talking Cat!?!, and The Great Halloween Puppy Adventure.

  2. Snorgatch Pandalume

    What a perfect specimen of early ’70s drear! Looks like this movie was preparing Patrick O’Neal for his role in The Stepford Wives. And he’s playing John Carter? Where’s his sword and blaster? And that really was Mary Woronov as Diane? Why is John Carradine croaking, apart from the fact that he’s a hundred and fifty years old? How is Wilfred Butler the killer when he was burned to death at the beginning? Why is Patrick O’Neal pouring tomato juice from the wine bottle at 7:44? So many questions!
    At least the blood looks real.

  3. “Don’t be a musical.”

    That’s what I say while angrily pointing my finger at every new Disney movie trailer.

    • LOL !
      Do feel free to vote that one down. It doesn’t hurt my feelings. I’m just one of those people that doesn’t like musicals and I believe that Disney can still make a great movie without it having musical numbers, because they’ve successfully done it before.

      To each their own.

  4. Ya know…actually that creepy dark version of “Silent Night”…is kinda awesome! It so…_works_. If you want to convey “creepy Christmas”…that’s kinda the perfect way to do it.

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