Silversun Pickups: Swoon – Rocked Album Review

A look back at Swoon: Silversun Pickups’ second full album from 2009.

About Rocked

Rocked!  A series that at least once a week will take a new album in the rock genre (everything from soft alternative to metal) under review so you can see if it's worth your time and money.


  1. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I really should check out this album thanks for the recommendation and good review

    I really think the guys ignored the dogs cause they wanna prove that there men. Also Nikki monagur looks a lot like Allison Janney from Mom.

  2. I have such love for Swoon. I agree the album works as a whole. The songs seem connected in a way that songs off their other albums don’t. They are a great band and I’ve loved them since their first EP but man Swoon is a whole nother level of awesome. Nice review.

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