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No joke here. Sins of the Sisters is one of the worst animes I’ve ever seen. EVER. SEEN.

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  1. 10:17 Y-know, why is it that everyone and their mom insists on misinterpreting The Boss’ wish?

  2. Rape,Suicide,Violence against children.
    Who’s bringing the chips? haha haha am I right?….(looks at the ground)

    Seriously though,That’s the craziest intro to anything,holy crap.

  3. I… I don’t… what?!? I honestly don’t know how to accurately describe just what bugs me about this anime. The confusing, disjointed, incoherent story? The weird take on Christianity? Some other third thing I can’t come up with?

    Also, good work with the scary bits, I was legitimately disturbed at certain points…

  4. Also, if all Religion has been banned, then what’s with the Shinto ritual to begin with? Or does Shinto get a special exception?

    • I guess things that are provably effective get an exemption (since it seems to work pretty well), but they pretty quickly followed “there is no war anymore” up with “Oh, and we’re shipping them off to the war,” so any sort of consistency seems a bit unlikely from this show.

    • You think that’s weird, the actual specific religion that the war was made against has a school training women in swordplay in this new world… wat.

  5. Christ, these people don’t stop screaming at each other for a moment, do they?

  6. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Man most of the voice acting in this sounds like Charlie day either doing his own voice r doing a girl voice(but yeah that one guy Hans sounds a lot like a mix between sage and Charlie day)!!! Wonderful episode I tried to watch your last two but lost track but I can definitely say that there’s no better way I could have gotten a halloween episode good job sage. But man this show has a lot of twists and bs that it’s a good thing Gabe is getting rid of that anime may you never review part 2 I hope(Ever!!!!).

  7. This is GOLD! Where can I find this?

  8. Whenever an anime starts bringing religion – especially Christianity – into the plot, you know you’re in for a train wreck. This is a train wreck.

  9. Great JoJoke at 34:45 =D

  10. Old Sage X Fat Grandma is my OTP.

  11. Holy bullocking hell what is this anime even trying to say about anything? Some of the concepts could maybe work in a story where they have a reason to be there or fit with the rest of what’s supposed to be going on, but it’s just an incomprehensible mashup of seemingly random bits…

    • In fact it have one interesting plot point with using promise of helping in war effort and then changing recruited females in sex slaves, what from what I recall was real case in Japan. But execution went so trainwrack that idea become buried under tons of bullcrap.

      • Yeah, I remember hearing about that, it’s a fascinating horrible bit of history that’d be a damn good story in its own right, but here it’s just a footnote for some kind of genderbending crusade where everyone seems to have ill-defined reality-warping powers to press the reset button on existence.

  12. Holy shit this review was amazing. I haven’t laughed outlaid so hard in a while, though it helps that anime is bat shit insane. I don’t know if I could actually get through the whole thing if I watched it.

  13. That opening question about insanity reminds me of Lewis Black’s bit about people that make statements you should never try to process or blood will go shooting out your nose, like “If it weren’t for my horse, I wouldn’t of had that year of college.”

  14. Um… can anyone explain to me why the dub cast had so much trouble pronouncing Michael, a standard English name?

    Don’t get me wrong, I kinda imagine the Japanese might pronounce it like that given how their language teats syllables, but straight putting that into the script is class A Bad Fansub ‘more accurate than thou’ness

  15. sonorwegianithurts

    is that the kaiju fanatic scientist from Pacific Rim?

  16. Here’s a piece of crazy for you:
    I work at a grocery store. I had a conversation the other day with a customer that went almost word for word like this:

    Customer: Eight salad bags.
    Me: Eight salad bags?
    C: Yes.
    Me: What about them?
    C: I need them.
    Me: Oh, well…go get them then.
    C: (Smiles as he walks away) I just wanted to say hi to you first.


    14:25: So…that girl didn’t notice she had a penis until AFTER she took off her panties? Is she hung like a gnat?

  17. I try to find the good in things. I like the idea of living in a false time period where peace in maintained through murder of those who remember. It’s an interesting concept that could make a good sci-fi movie, if it hasn’t already been made. And you’re dang lucky you have Gave! Gabe’s a real saint, despite all the crap you’ve pulled.
    I want Old Sage and Fat Grandma to meet.
    I have a friend who ADORES bad anime like this. The only thing this needed to become a perfect storm of horrible would be a tacked-on environmental message. I think he’s seen and owns almost everything you’ve ever done, honestly. Sometimes we just watch bad anime and eat chicken, but the bastard never waits for me so we can watch your show together.

    • I remember a book they made us read at school called The Giver by Lois Lowry. Which was a Dystopia in which knowledge, sexual urges and population control was bluntly handled. The protagonist role was kind of a keeper of this civilization history.

      Oh and also the movie, The Name of the Rose, is also about keeping knowledge hidden from the common man.

      I’ll also say Mother 3, but Nintendo haven’t officially released that here. Hope they do at next E3, since they more or less have rereleased a Mother game since 2014.

      • I watched the Name of the Rose for a Mediaeval English Literature class. I also own the book it’s based on (which has a much darker ending for some of the characters according to Wikipedia) but I haven’t read it yet.

        All so, so, SO much better than this garbage…

        • Atm I see to extremes in bad writing. One is being too focused to a gratification aspect be it a fetish, violence, sex etc. The other extreme is pretension, having the feeling you’re reaching deeper into something vague or complex but not really understanding it.

          This anime looks like a failure at being an exploitation product. I mean some scenes feel like they could have gone into Bible Black or Pandra Saga porn. And others like it could have satirize religion by having a school setting with schoolgirl crusaders.

          Yeah, I’m reaching but, I think I’m understanding what Sage was saying about this having some weird line of thought somewhere, since it feels work was put into this mess somehow because of it being so draining. Kinda how I feel about Kingdom Hearts story, which is also unnecessarily dense, pointless, moronic for something that shouldn’t be that tiring to piece together, or even solve at all.

          • I hadn’t thought of The Giver in ages. I’ll have to dig up a copy and read it. I don’t remember Name of the Rose. I’ll have to look it up.

            The first Kingdom Hearts game was great fun! The second repetitive. Then the rest, repetitive. Many repetitive. Such repetitive. So repetition. But the controls and action were solid.

  18. 1:48

    Is that…Weird Al Yankovich?

  19. O0
    Good lord….I’ve seen Hentais with better voice acting than this.

    So God wants all Christians to join S&M clubs?

    Cool Halloween ending.

  20. Actually, at 17:50 what the guy is saying isn’t Japanese. It’s bad, bad Latin. Non cogito, ergo sum. “I do not think, therefore I am.” Non cogito, ergo, non cogito, ergo non tu sum … well, I think it’s “I do not think, therefore, I do not think, therefore, you do not exist.” Essentially, he’s undergoing a ceremony to purge his mind of the memory of the incident.

    I can’t believe I spent three minutes watching that repeatedly to explain such a stupid scene.

  21. O_O WTF happened with the voice actors in this?! I mean seriously, did they al just had some kind of stick up their ass that moved each time they tried to speak?!

    Oh and also: about that christianity and suicide thing… Yep. I’m sad to inform you that suicide is condemned with damnation by the bible and for ages people who commited it were denied proper burial because it is against the “word of the lord”… So in THAT point the anime was 100% accurate… Oh and if you’re wondering: No. The 99.9999999% left of the anime was really, really not accurate… I mean WTF. I’m an atheist, and probably even an anti-theist (I belive religion is damaging to the population.) But even I have more respect for christian mythology than this anime. There’s a non-written rule with good writers: If you’re gonna use something that’s established by someone else (like mythology) be accurate about it, even if it’s fucked up only change what’s necessary to change so as to integrate it with the plot. Why? Because if you don’t your just being a jackass and have no reason to use that in the first place! Seriously why use other people’s work as a plot point if you’re gonna change it so much that only the name really remains? As the leper told his mistres: Where’s the bloody point?!

  22. Snorgatch Pandalume

    This is like a collection of every horrible stupid anime trope out there rolled into one big ball of shit. Schoolgirls? Check. Futas? Check. Bloody violence? Check. Rape? Check. People screaming at each other? Check. Terrible dubbing? Check. A plot that makes absolutely no fucking sense? Check. It’s as if someone deliberately took the worst of everything from anime, threw it in a blender, and hit puree.

  23. So shall we point out the various flaws in the plot?

    1. All Religion is gone………except apparently Shinto, Shinto is ok because……..reasons.

    2. All war being gone because of no Nations or Religion……….accept for the fact that, you know, the wars caused by Religion make up a rather tiny percentage of all wars. And even ignoring that, many wars have had nothing to do with either, such as with cultural or ethnic tensions.

    3. Destroying the Pope and/or Vatican somehow ends ALL religion? No. Depending on the exact time, given the number of crusades, the non Christian Religions that are around at the time in Europe, India, The British Isles, and the Middle East at the time are as follows. Islam (Sunni, Shia, Ibadi, and the various heresies.), Zoroastrian, Suomenusko, Tengri, Judaism, West African Pagan (Glory to the Ogoonu’s and the Snake in the Well!), Norse/Germanic, Slavic, Romuva, Jainism, Buddhism (remember people, Buddhism came from India and/or Sri Lanka, not China or Japan.), Hinduism, and possibly The Church of Zuun if this was early enough. And That’s not getting into the other branches of Christianity (Miaphysite, Nestorian, Orthodox, and if late enough the Protestant and Coptic churchs.) who did not follow the Pope or Vatican. The Other Christian Branches, Islam, and Various Pagan Nations would have jumped on that shit like no ones business, most likely The Sunni Muslims and Orthodox Christians, most likely of them being the Ummayads who already had a foothold in the Iberian Peninsula and the Orthodox Byzantines.

    4. A World without nations or religion somehow isn’t a massive fucking melting pot and everything is distinctly Japanese in the present day. Again People, no Nations means no Borders, so that means Immigration and Emigration aren’t a thing anymore, that would mean Japan should have a much larger diversity in people due to the lack of immigration laws due to… know, no Nations.

    Did the Writers even really think before writing any of this? cause these all just kinda came to me as i watched the review.

  24. how exactly did those kids expect to go fight in the crusades if they can’t even stop a bunch of random bandits?

    good review tho, very funny, this kind of anime always makes for great material

  25. I got to hand it to you Wuss, I never thought you would show an anime like this. I saw it awhile ago, and damn was it crazy. Still rather tame, if not confusing. Maybe someday violence Jack, but I ain’t holding my breath. Shemales aren’t really that uncommon in anime stuff nowadays, but that story does make the head spin. Well nice job as always.

  26. Why was he turned to a female with a dick i understand that this is a light porno but you can make a porno without lesbians or futa witch is better for me
    Hans was a guy who never would just fuck and after he was turn to a female with a dick he started to fuck a girl
    Why are they still in the school uniforms they don’t need it and how are all this girls good at fighting with swords
    These voice acting are the worst its like they don’t give a shit
    You have a good friend

    I actually agree that the world would be better without religion cause it caused so much pain and still douse

  27. That…was literally THE WORST dub I have ever heard in my life. I was actually covering up the screen at one point out of instinct, trying to protect myself from the thing that was doing my ears harm.

    I think that I even considered punching the screen to get the evil noise away from me. SHEESH!! I understand why Bennett doesn’t like Central Park Media. I get what he meant when he said “They couldn’t have gone out of business sooner.” But…if they could have gone out of business before releasing this monstrosity, that would have been greatly appreciated.

    I swear that half the time, it really sounded like that was the first time they had ever seen the script. I mean, that could NOT have been rehearsed.

    Central Park just called in a few people, set up some microphones around them, said, “Here, read this,” and applied what they got to the show, and then paid the people for their trouble. There was no real voice actors here, just random people unfortunate enough to pass by the studio while they were doing the dub.

  28. 28:43

    A: Why does she seem to be enjoying being raped?

    B: If she’s in high school, that means that she’s probably a minor.
    Which makes it pedophilia.

    C: Who the hell thinks that pedophilia is “sexy” ?

  29. Dam this must be bad if Sage put up a warning first thing front and center. Wonder what is… Now I have watch and find out what it is. Grabs popcorn. This is going to end badly I will only have myself to blame.

  30. thatchickwithlonghair

    This terrible voice acting is gold. You’d think we were watching a fan parody where they are TRYING to sound as bad as possible. XD

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