Skies of Arcadia Legends: Parts 40-42 – Lotus

This is our final discovery-hunting episode! We don’t get every single one in the game, but the need for a hunt comes to an end! On top of that, we get Aika’s final super move, and see just how awesome Ilchymis’s shop can be!

We finally explore the Maw of Tartas – for real, this time!

We infiltrate Dangral Island, but get more than we bargained for! Also, major, major plot developments happen.

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I enjoy playing video games, and I particularly favor survival horror games.


  1. I’ve never heard the word whelp before so I learned something new today. Also, yeah, I’m surprised at how quickly most of the generals switched sides. Lastly, Part 42 had a great twist. Although, I think they foreshadowed it when we last saw Gregorio.

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