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The only thing bleeding its horror here are your ear drums listening to Naga The Serpent. Sage looks at Slayers the Motion Picture.

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  1. Slayers is one of the first anime series I’ve watched. Nostalgia is trong with this one. I didn’t know they made a movie though. I’ve seen the original series and the 2008 Slayers Revolution sequel but didn’t watch any of the Slayers movies

  2. Personaly I found this Slayers movie to be okay. It was enjoyable enough for me even with it’s flaws.

  3. It’s a pity this wasn’t better, but now I remember why I never really bothered to watch this one. I watched the first three series, though I still haven’t watched the newest movie and any newer series Slayers might have. I also read some of the translated novels, before they stopped (or I got sidetracked and never checked up on the progress of later books) and most if not all of the manga they made.

    I think either someone in production/writing didn’t have enough confidence in this movie’s material (and maybe it was originally meant to be an OAV), or else someone didn’t realize that invoking a trope in and of itself isn’t inherently a joke. More’s the pity! They could have a ton of fun with this, although I agree that Naga the Serpent as a running gag could use some work. I’m pretty sure her name was also meant to be a joke, but it kind of falls flat?

    Gotta say, I still might skim the movie sometime though… the king had a great voice, great design, and perfect for potential jokes, although yeah… Could do without the boob pat, but I guess when you’re king, you may think you can get away with obnoxious behavior? I dunno! 😛

    • Forgot to add, I don’t think I watched anything else Naga was in… She wasn’t too bad in the few manga I read with her along for the ride, but then again I can’t hear her laugh that way… 😉

  4. I like this movie, but the voices are a bit… screechier then I remember. And some of the jokes fall a bit flat or are just a bit forced, like the Michigan J.Frog reference. (I’m old enough to remember that character, even if it makes me feel kinda old.)

    Anyway, I haven’t seen the movie in years, thought it’s a guilty pleasure to be sure.

    Also, the bits with Gabe killed me. Thanks Sage, I needed a good chuckle.

    • Haha! I forgot to add, I remember Michigan J. Frog too! I grew up when they had countless reruns of old Loony Tunes and Merrie Melodies (as well as the old Disney shorts, some of which were Silly Symphonies, I think.) We’re all kinda old, I guess? Which is weird as I’m not even 40 yet… :p

  5. Oh wow, I haven’t seen this in forever! I think I watched it in middle school, when I was at my friend’s house. We got it when Blockbuster was still around, and I was so worried my parent’s wouldn’t approve because Naga.

    It was totally worth it, though, since now the series is one of my favorite shows, though admittedly, I personally don’t think it really hits it stride until the second half of season one (when Crispin Freeman takes over as Zelgadis, though YMMV).

    I can’t remember, though, if it was canon or fanon that that elf girl was Gourry’s something-great grandmother? Or something similar, where Rowdy wouldn’t have had children unless Lina went back and saved the past. If I’m remembering correctly, the theory was that Gourry only came into existence when Lina defeated that demon, if she hadn’t, Gourry wouldn’t exist, and the world wouldn’t have been saved several times over due to Lina and his teamwork, etc. But eh, like I said, could be one of those things where I’m just misremembering canon v. fanon to an embarrassing degree. |D

  6. Slayers will always be a series that is near and dear to my heart, but this movie was a train wreck. Not only did they have the gall not to include the core cast (y’know, THE THING THAT MAKES SLAYERS WHAT IT IS), but everything about the film was just stupid. And not even the good kind of stupid that the TV series employed with its filler episodes.

    • I’d have to double check it, but the main series is split from the movies and OVA. Central Park Media and later Funimation did the series. ADV did the movies and OVA. It’s weird that both voice casts did try to keep it consistent with each other. You don’t normally see that kind of effort.

  7. Ah, 90s dubs… I wish I never heard those again…

    Slayers: The Motion Picture is good in theory, insofar as Slayers itself appears to be good (I never watched it, personally). It’s one of the earliest animes I ever saw, God knows from where. Naga is annoying, the story is hard to follow, the movie drags on way too long and I always thought the spell was called “Dragon Slayer,” but I like the concept of Lina Inverse and how overpowered she is. Underdog stories were passe even then. Sometimes it’s nice to go through a story where the lead character is capable, confident and largely in control. It just makes the eventual tough final fight all the more impactful.

    Sadly, the movie isn’t very good, in my opinion because it spends too much run time on dragging its heels through episodic comedy accomplishing very little. The fights aren’t that interesting, either, since the movie never bothers to give rules to how magic works. It feels like anyone can do anything and I’m never sure of the stakes or the difficulty of the encounter.

    • I would suggest it. It’s is a good comedy series. I always liked that it had a strong female lead, the swordsman can hold his own against magic users and the cast are amoral psychos. The first episode starts with Lina robbing some bandits and ends with her destroying a town to beat the dragon that is scared of her. I think the 4th season starts with them chasing down pirate ships using a rowboat because they ran out of bandits to steal from. They’ll sacrifice each other to reach a goal, but know when the world is ending, there is no one else they’d rather have at their side to stop it.

      I think it’s every D&D game I had in college. Good times.

  8. Naga is awesome. She is one of the worst characters in the franchise but she is still amazing. Honestly, I’ve never heard of anyone being annoyed by her annoying laugh till now – for most people it is something to copy, parody, laugh at and with but not to be tired from.

    for crying out loud: she was a popular enough character to get a part in Slayers TV4 where she actually lost her sexapeal (along with her body) – and she still stayed awesome and popular.

    That said, movies are thae worst part of this franchise. Like it usually is with anime, sadly.

  9. Michigan j frog was on the WB not UPN. But the did merge into one network so I see your point.

  10. I never got to see any of the movies, primarily because I had no idea where to begin, aside from the obvious one here. This was during a time way before Wikipedia was involved, and finding any information on anime is kind of hard.

    As for that laugh, it’s an obvious anime trope I like to call “The Evil Laugh of the High Class” always like “O ho ho hohohohhohoho ho!” God I’m done with those laughs already.

  11. He Who Must Not Be Maimed

    I oogled at Gabe. I’m not ashamed to admit that.

  12. Are you psychic? I looked up Hamburger: The Motion Picture only 3 days ago.

    You know what else is weird? Both Hamburger and Spaceballs are movies in which Rob Paulsen has had bit parts.

  13. Slayers is one of my all time favorite anime’s. The epic TV Seasons. The deep cast of silly yet endearing characters off on missions that evolve ever darker and more menacing.

    The Slayers Motion Picture? Eh. It’s a mildly amusing distraction. It was a prequel to the series. Showing a younger, fresh out of school Lina. Schoolmate Naga (spolers for 30 year old anime, who is Amelia’s lost sister.) off on a small wacky and pointless adventure. It really has nothing about it that ties us to the well traveled lands of Cerune (sp?) and beyond. Not even publisher. Voice Actors. Script re-writers. ANYTHING. See this is a case where the Slayers anime went to one importer Funimation, while Slayers The Motion Picture (later relabeled Slayers Perfect) went to ADVision. Resulting in all kinds of mismatches. Not the least of which was the voice actresses.

    The takeaway. Ignore the Movie, get your hands on Slayers, Slayers Next and Slayers Try. You will not be disapointed.

    • Slayers originally was dubbed by Central Park Media under Software Scultpors for the first 3 seasons. Funimation did the last 2 seasons. It looks like Crispin Freeman is the only one to have been on both companies for the same character, Zelgadis (Slayers Next,Try, Evolution-R, Revolution, Premium.

  14. Wait…continuum what?

  15. Who’s slayers fan? I’m slayers fan!

  16. 6:54 – LOL !!!

    Thanks. I needed that.

  17. Gabby here has suffered so much.

  18. You know, here’s something to think about. I know it is customary to give far-off sounding names to fantasy worlds – like Fantasia, Tamriel, and the like – but here’s the thing. You know what the world we live in is called? Earth! I know, that’s rather elementary, but it does point out the absurdity of expecting every fantasy world to have some kind of fancy name, when our own world is basically named after dirt.

  19. @6:54- That’s hot 😀

    Well if Sage refuses to do an actual review of Violence Jack, then I’d prefer him reviewing TMA anime cosplay porn with Cinema Snob.

  20. I am having lag issues with these players all the time. Its impossible to watch the review. Please can you do a simultaneous upload on another site without such issues because seeing comments on other videos others have alos the same issue.

  21. Hello my baby, Hello my honey, hello my ragtime gal. Yeah I caught that. Now I feel old, thank you.

    Yeah the Sub is better, with jokes and especially that ending line. Instead he says “be careful what you wish for” etc. The movie was good imo, I still have the VHS copy.

    I think it is anime like this that better prepares someone to tolerate the shrill screams of most dub actors. That is why it doesn’t bother many long time anime watchers, whereas the younger types might be put off.

    On the side though, the Snob is right, you are a wuss 🙂

  22. Gods damn it… Naga isn’t all that dissimilar from my favorite D&D character, Quintessa. XÞ

    Differences being that the latter is a bit more endowed (albeit more affected by gravity — I don’t know, aren’t there invisible “bras of holding” somewhere? Isn’t that what unseen servants are for?), she has a faux posh British accent to go with her bitchy laugh, and she wears considerably more clothing; you really can’t call a bikini a “noble’s outfit,” can you? Then again her entertainer’s outfit is a Playboy Bunny uniform, so… yeah…

    (You know, this would also explain why I really liked Karin from Street Fighter Alpha 3.)

  23. hmm, I thought Naga only appeared in that Slayers OVA that was like 3 or 4 episodes not tied to any of the main series…this reminds me I really have to catch up on my Slayers, I’ve only seen the first 2 seasons and the OVA, from what I understand there are 2 MORE seasons and now this movie that I need to catch up on…

    Also, I have 2 theories on Naga’s unusually round breasts, the first is that she’s wearing an armored push up bra that keeps them so high and round, and the second is that she used a spell to make herself beautiful, but botched it (like she always does with her magic) and it ended up making her look artificial, kind of the magical equivalent of a botched boob job…I’d say I’m overthinking it, but this is anime, 90% of thoughts dedicated the genre are centered around the characters’ tits.

  24. I actually never saw the series but never came to it
    She maybe annoying but that it only to thous who have no patience well she is hot and no the boobs are not the only part seriously i am annoying about how everyone talks like tits are the only thing that matters if so why are you all not going after the fat women they have huge tits
    I do hope you are paying Gabe enough
    Let me tell you seeing game on a trampoline means nothing its funny but i am not gay

  25. i didn’t expect that cameo from the nostalgia chick at minute 7

  26. I remember watching the day that they cut the broadcast for WB62. That was a sad day for Saturday morning cartoon.

  27. Naga is the main reason I can’t watch the movies ever again.

    I hate her so much because she’s so annoying and yet….I can imitate her laugh pretty good. Curses! Foiled again!

  28. Eh, looks like this movie is actually a good representation of the series, at least regarding the experience I’ve had with it personally .

  29. “One’s cool! One’s hot! One’s busting out all over! The other’s not!”

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