Slimer / Fluttershy – A Monstrous October

Shaun & the Crypt-tooner continue to explore what happens when cartoon heroes go… MONSTER! A Monstrous October returns with Slimer / Fluttershy.

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But one of her friends is an Apple. Innuendo innuendo wink wink.


Technically speaking Fruit Vampire Pony aren’t considered as monsters but subspecies under Luna. We don’t see them commonly as we see only two vampire guard is Luna carriage, and learn that Fluttershy is at least partially part of that tribe. But I don’t think that is only one such case.. not to mention that basically all of that universe is quite eldritch in nature.

But if we need talk about topic, there is other far more interesting example.. and yes, it is as for now more a fan theory. But considering fact that Lauren Faust originally planed remake of Rescue From Midnight Castle what until today is one of most darkest episode in whole franchise (RfMC to make thing easier), and with incoming of Tirek in FiM they basically make such connection a fact, it is quite strong one. To put that straight: In RfMC dangerous demon Tirek kidnap few ponies for his mischievous plan, ponies organize rescue team and in end defeat Tirek… Read more »
Ian M.

Fluttershy turned into a ravenous creature that posed a serious threat to her friends, and that’s what counts in this video.