Small Gods: Discworld – Stuff You Like

Oh Brutha, where art thou? Today’s episode is on Terry Pratchett’s 13th Discworld novel, Small Gods; Brutha; religion; and the temporarily betortoised.

Your key word for this episode is COMPASSION. Which Brutha has, Vorbis doesn’t, and Om learns.

I did try to pronounce Brutha correctly. I hope I have. Om is easy. (Holy horns).

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  1. Great video! I only recently discovered this book, but it quickly became my favorite by Pratchett.

  2. I don’t know how I would feel about this book.

  3. I think Brutha is supposed to be pronounced more like brother, just to make “Brother Brutha” a pun… 🙂
    Other than that – very nice bit. SG is my favorite Pratchett book and one of my favorite books all around.

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