Smegheads Guide to Red Dwarf Series 1

It’s cold outside, there’s no kind of atmosphere, you’re all alone.. more or less. Let me show you around.

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  1. I’m sure this wasn’t the intent as this is probably something you’ve wanted to do for awhile but… part of me just has this weird feeling this review series was started realizing “oh hey Dena’s no longer on the site, so no one’s technically talking about Red Dwarf on Channel Awesome now. So I can without it mixing into other channel awesome reviewer dibs.” Yeah again I know that’s not the intent or point of these but again that’s just a part of how I feel so wanted to say that.

    Still this is solid. This isn’t at all like Dena’s Red Dwarf vlogs as this has a totally different feel to talking about the series and about the characters and plots and I liked the history of British sitcoms and of actors that Dena talked a bit about but Diamanda probably knows much more about honestly. So I’m not trying to act like this was a horrible or even disrespectful idea just one of my paranoid weird ideas but still solid episode and be fine seeing this continue even if again most of what I know of Red Dwarf are Dena’s reviews of the episodes. Aka I know up to half of series 6 so wonder if you’ll finish that before she does.

  2. Good review. I agree Waiting for God is the best of series one. I think it works due to its reflection of British cynicism towards organised religion, and particularly the idea that the strange rules of most religions are probably much more easily explained by them being misunderstandings than actual rules.

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