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5 years of Stuff You Like, and a book review! So Good They Can’t Ignore You, an ode to the Craftsman mentality, learning rare and valuable skills, and passion as a side-effect of mastery.

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  1. This is an interesting theory. I haven’t read the book. I’m in the middle of looking for jobs right now. I like parts of the jobs I’ve been looking at but I always have work-life balance on my mind, to be honest. I like that the jobs I’ve been applying to involve English skills, computer skills, and organizing stuff. I do need to build up some of my skills though since I’m fresh out of college with only three internships under my belt.

  2. That sounds like an interesting book, and one that I’ll need to check out.

    My main hobby is something that many people have been able to make a good living at, and I’ve been asked if I’d ever want to do that, too. I’ve thought about it, and every time my answer is “No, because then it’d be a job and I’d have all the pressures that go with that.” So I’m sympathetic toward that view.

    Congratulations on the five years!

  3. I’m a writer by trade and by passion. I mainly want to write fiction novels, but at the moment I have no books published, and instead I work as a content writer for a tea company. It may not be my desired niche, but the job has helped me to polish my skills and provides me with an income to help me pursue what I’m passionate about.

    I fully agree that skill is essential in a career, but I think it can be fine to start from a place of passion if you have the drive to work hard at it and develop the skills needed to make it a career. That’s how it was for me. In spite of what the average person may think, writing a book is NOT just about have a cool idea and writing it down. Also, you don’t have to star out as a prodigy, either. Like any other occupation, it’s a skill that can be learned, but only with time and effort.

  4. “Motivation is how the powerful steal from the dumb.” – Scott Adams.

  5. I’ve always been more in the mindset of working so you can do the things you like rather than working because you like it. I could never picture myself really enjoying any kind of job.

  6. Happy Anniversary Stuff You Like and Sursum Ursa!! Still one of my favorite internet shows!! 🙂

    This book looks very useful; I’ll look out for it

  7. I’ll read this book soon. Already requested it from my local library while watching this video. As a 32 year old housewife who has never held a real job, entering the workforce is somewhat terrifying. I have a degree in the liberal arts that will likely never be really useful.

    I can’t expect my husband to support our household alone forever. Too much of a burden on his huggable shoulders.

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