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In summer of 2016, Disney California Adventure opened two new-ish attractions – Frozen: Live At The Hyperion and Soarin’ Around The World. In this vlog, Some Jerk With A Camera and a whole buncha friends (namely Doggans, R.L. King, The Wire, Luke Ski, Mikey Insanity, Ian Clarke, Tricksterbelle, Spazz Master, Matthew Iannone, Chris the Nerd and Rosenhacker) experience and discuss them both.

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Join Some Jerk With A Camera on location at Disneyland, California (and occasionally other theme parks!) for a series of whacked-out, irreverently irrelevant digress-alicious trips through some of the best and worst attractions and paraphernalia theme parks have to offer!


  1. Crossover Princess

    RUN SPAZZ! RUN!!!!


    I don’t know when I’ll go to Disneyland again, I doubt I’m going to see the Frozen show (not much of a show person) but I really can’t wait for Soarin’… It sounds cool.

    Also fun fact last time I went to Disneyland. My friend Jerry is a pilot (not professionally) and the day we went to DCA was coincidentally the anniversary of Chuck Yeager broke the sound Barrier. And it was back when Condor Flats as a thing. When she found out this fact she practically squeed.

    She was disappointed that they got rid of Condor Flats but it sounds like she would love Soarin’ Over the World. And since the queue looks the same she’ll be happy with that…

  2. I’ve bumped into those voice over thing too; so odd

    3:36 excited!! excited!!
    5:49 doggans too!?!? Eeep!! Can this get any better…(watch the Soaring over summer part) yeah, it can…eep!! 🙂 This is so bloody cool 🙂
    7:19 finally, I now know Doggans and RL King are two seperate people! Thank you Jennifer, now I know!! And I just made When We Were Very

    I cannot see RLKing in sunglasses without waiting for him to start smoking and screaming about pansies 🙂
    CSI Miami shrieks are pure Disney magic 🙂

    I’d cheer for Patrick Warburton to; though I imagine when you guys wear clapping, you got some funny looks. Unless people are used to you guys being weird by now

    This video was pure amazing, especially that ending!!
    Though what music did they use for Kilamanjaro? If they did not use Kilamanjaro by johnny Clegg, I for one would be very annoyed since he’s even done music for tons of Disney movies

    By the way, I saw that fandub you made a cameo in with the other blokes of GeekVision: while I cannot say so on the video, just wanted to say I really loved i; the voice acting was amazing (Calluna was so very awesome!!) and I laughed hysterically. Hope their more episodes and really hope you guys win!! Good luck!!

    Also, if you got the chance, would y’all ever review Dolly Parton’s theme park? That would be majestic….I need to go calm down… :’)

    • Young reference! I’m king of the world!!!

    • You still can’t PROVE that RL King and I are different people. Maybe this video just has really good splitscreen!

      • But then how do you explain looking very 3 dimensional and visibly coming in contact with stuff, like leaning on the walls and such?

        Do you guys have secret hologram technology?


        You’re blowing my mind Mr…(connection goes off in brain on what’s occuring)…you, particular person person…eep 🙂

      • Oh by the way, this is a question that has been burning my brain since your Gilmore Girsl episode (which is one of my favorite episodes of yours); I’ve not seen Gilmore Girls so I ony know Conneticut by…Babysitters Club.

        Assuming you’ve read those books or had any contact with the series, how do they portray Conneticut?

        • I’ve never read Babysitters Club or seen the show or movie, so I couldn’t tell you offhand, but I may have to do some research sometime for a potential followup on other fictional portrayals of Connecticut…

          • Yes!!!!!! That would be awesome!!!…except that would mean you’d have to read some of the books/watch the film and TV series….*shudder*

            But still….yay!! 🙂

            Also, have you been to Bush Gardens since they added that new dragon ride?

    • SomeJerkWithACamera

      I have no idea when I’ll ever be in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee…but if I am, I’ll certainly consider it.

  3. Steve the Pocket

    Funny thing… I went to Frozen on Ice, and it did have the ice monster. Granted, it was just a huge prop on a parade-float style platform with a dry-ice machine in its mouth; you can’t get away with production values like that at a theme park. Even if you gave it an animatronic head and arms, it would still have no legs. You’d need to build what amounts to a smallish mech suit for that, and we’re still a ways off from the level of robotics it would take to do that.

  4. The Tangled dvd also has the hearing impaired option, and it makes the movie AMAZING. Particularly the specific things they pick and choose to narrate, especially during song numbers and around the pub thugs. It’s just hilarious greatness.

  5. Speaking as someone who never got to ride Soarin’ Over California, Around the World was a pretty ok ride.

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