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This week: Rick & Morty fans demonstrate why we can’t have nice things, Dove’s marketing turns skin tone into tone deaf, and a homework assignment parents did *not see* coming (you’ll get that one in a minute) …

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  1. We got our sauce and some asshole ruins it.

  2. As a mild Rick and Morty fan, I am disgusted by the arrogant fans who ruin it for everyone else.

    Also to The Guardian: Rick and Morty is NOT a Back to the Future knockoff you pretentious t***twaffles!

    …Sorry, it’s just that I’m once again reminded why I’d rather watch TV than deal with the stupidity of people…

  3. The alien invasion is coming in 2019. The man said he was *aiming* for the year 2018, drank too much and landed in 2017. Which means the “next year” he was warning about would be 2019.

    I think that’s how it logically works out, anyway.

  4. Also, was anyone else reminded by that alien time traveler story about the John Titor urban legend?

    Oh, and then urban legend also inspired the awesome anime Steins;Gate, which I highly recommend.

  5. lilith_ascennding

    I’m a superfan of a few things like Harry Potter, Gravity Falls, and Stranger Things (to name a few). I’ve pre-ordered items for fandoms I love, gone to midnight screenings of movies, and midnight book sales in the past too. I would never in a million years start a riot over a fucking packet of sauce. I don’t really watch Rick and Morty so maybe I’m missing something, but is there really such a cultural significance of Szechuan sauce to the RaM mythos that it’s worthy of riots and general asshole behavior? Seriously, explain this to me.

    True story, I had a history teacher in high school who looked exactly like Clark Kent. When our school had a Superhero Day for Spirit Week, he actually dressed up as Clark Kent by wearing a Superman tee shirt under his dress clothes and even styling his hair to have the little curl Superman has in the front. He was a great guy 🙂

    How the hell did I not hear about this pumpkin spice fiasco at the school? I’m from around the Baltimore area and this is my first time hearing about this. Weird.

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