Some Jerk With A Camera: ABC Goes To Disney World!

Some Jerk With A Camera introduces you to the miracle of what happens when a theme park resort and a TV network love each other very very much…

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Join Some Jerk With A Camera on location at Disneyland, California (and occasionally other theme parks!) for a series of whacked-out, irreverently irrelevant digress-alicious trips through some of the best and worst attractions and paraphernalia theme parks have to offer!


  1. I knew YOU were Elvis, Some Jerk!!!! I couldn’t put my finger on it for the longest time, but I knew Elvis was still alive!!

    Holy shit, that Beast costume…. lol.

  2. Crossover Princess

    As a kid I was so focused on going to Disneyland so much that I didn’t care about going to Disney World that much… even when I watched most of those shows. All I cared about was going back to Disneyland…

    Well… that doesn’t matter to me anymore… mostly because I’m planning a Disney World trip for the fall and unlike like most people in the US I’ve been the Tokyo Parks.

    Also now I have the image of Bill Clinton having sex with a velociraptor… Thanks Jerk!

  3. So first going on It’s Small World more than ANYONE should in a lifetime, then you subjected yourself to barely-on-par to sub/sub-par 90s sitcoms…You’re a little masochistic aren’t ya?

    Speaking of masochism, are you going to be doing anything on the Disneyland’s Diamond celebration?

  4. And that whole introduction montage/mashups got disturbingly close to Too Many Cooks, despite having apparently been made years ago.

    What the hell, Jerk? Why you stealing Adult Swim’s mojo with time travel?

  5. Awesome intro for a great retrospective. By the way, sad to say Jerk, they might be rebooting Full House. The Reign of the Tanners might be FAR from actually over.

  6. This is the first of your videos I have seen, and I’m liking it.

    Love the Bill Hicks inclusion.

  7. Hello_Mr_Anderson

    Was… was that an ‘Escape from Tomorrowland’ reference?


  8. OMG, that dude’s infomercial voice is AWESOME! Grabs my attention and make me want to… stuff!

  9. Wow, all those theme songs being played at once is actually pretty terrifying.

  10. During this period of the 90’s I wasn’t watching many sitcoms, and in fact it seems the only ABC show I was watching was NYPD Blue but sure enough, I distinctly remember even they managed to cram a trip to Disneyworld into it’s storyline as Sipowitz talks about taking his son (or stepson, or orphan he’d taken under his wing or whatever the fuck it was) to Disneyworld. They didn’t actually go there on camera or anything but it definitely seems the order came from on high that some name dropping of Disneyworld MUST be worked into every ABC show of the time, not just the sitcoms.

    And yeah, you definitely deserve some kind of props for kinda almost doing Too Many Cooks years before Too Many Cooks.

  11. Was this made before “Too many cooks”?

  12. ABC, because they haven’t beaten that dead horse enough.

  13. This is the part where I get pedantic: ABC wasn’t spun off from DuMont (although props for even knowing what DuMont was!); it was spun off from NBC. Or rather, the original radio network was, and then they went into television. They did try to merge with DuMont in ’53, but it fell through because the owners were paranoid about getting hit with an antitrust suit. Because this was back when media companies could actually still get in trouble for that.


  15. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    did they do ones that you didn’t review cause jut did a good job and I hope I can come to marscon 2015.

  16. Are you going to do the Blossom episode, too?

  17. Love the Zappa

  18. Hey, man! I just wanna say that you do a fantastic job with these videos! It must’ve taken a lot of time to write the script for this since you jump around a lot with locations and use a lot of different editing techniques. 🙂

    I’m a huge Disney nerd and a 90’s kid, so I can’t wait to watch the rest of this series!

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