Some Jerk With A Camera: Back To The Future: The Ride Part I

Some Jerk With A Camera returns for his third season, and finally sets foot in Universal Studios Hollywood to review one of the most fondly-remembered rides of all time.

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Join Some Jerk With A Camera on location at Disneyland, California (and occasionally other theme parks!) for a series of whacked-out, irreverently irrelevant digress-alicious trips through some of the best and worst attractions and paraphernalia theme parks have to offer!


  1. Crossover Princess

    Oh… you should have chose Fat Grandma instead of that tree… sure Fat Grandma didn’t know who Doc Brown is, but she more than made up for it in sass!

    Also I’ve never been to any of the Universal Parks (Orlando, Hollywood or Osaka) so it’s awesome to get all this info in detail!

  2. Since I was apparently chloroformed, watch my Universal retrospective until I wake up.

    • Watched your retrospective, Excellent job.

      I am so glad you put in the part about Edison. The only reason Hollywood is in California is because everyone was trying to escape Edison’s lawsuits.
      Same with Silicon Valley it only exists because one guy moved into his mom’s house while he started many new companies that all failed. This spawned Silicon Valley.
      Lesson – You don’t have to move to a certain place to be rich and successful. Create it where you live.

      An Example of how this works:
      Sundance film festival, created because L.A. was crowded and Redford refused to move back to L.A.

      Thanks Spazz

  3. I waited a year to see you return and boy I’m glad to see you back

  4. Now THIS is how you begin a new season!

    Loved all the cameos and the way you made fun of your slow output in a lighthearted comedic fashion. You can’t rush quality.

    As someone who grew up in the Van Nuys area (I live and work in Irvine now, so I’m closer to Disneyland), my parents would always take me and my siblings to Universal Studios constantly, but I honestly always preferred Disneyland. However, my mind was blown when I heard a BttF ride was going to open at Universal in the same fashion like Star Tours, my favorite Disneyland ride. I went about 2 weeks or so after the BttF ride opened at Universal and made it a pact to go on it at least 3 times every time I went to Universal.

    I haven’t been back to Universal in 10 years since I moved out to Irvine, but I have such fond memories of the BttF ride as part of my childhood, even though I was more of a Disneyland fan.

    Can’t wait to see the next parts Tony, and take your time with the episodes.

  5. Do I REALLY have to wait two weeks for Part 2? I just can’t wait that long!

    • Before he got on Channel Awesome, folks had to wait even longer for his videos.

    • You have no idea how long it took for Jerk to make even one episode. His schedule was absolutely sporadic at best, as you’d have to wait months for an episode to come out, and I can’t blame him. All those different shots and such looks really time consuming.

      But what he makes it up for in his sporadic releases is the final products themselves, and he always has me laughing all the way through.

    • Considering that it took 4 years for Back to the Future Part 2 to come out, I’d say you can wait two weeks for another episode. Try to find something to fill that time. Take up a hobby, become a YouTube celebrity/flash-in-the-pan, invent the hover car, do laundry…the possibilities are endless.

      I don’t know how long it took to produce those “ABC Goes to Disney” episodes, but it looked like those episodes were filmed over a long period of time, like a year or so.

      Although he did spoil us with an episode every week when he first got on Channel Awesome…so I can understand your impatience.

    • I know Iv waited a year for this review And i want new episodes now!!!

      Though I love how you poke fun of the fact that it takes you forever take make theses reviews and that you half to release two videos a month

  6. Man, I just realized how long it’s been since I did a cameo on this website. It’s pretty nice actually, even if my glasses have more screen time than I do (Linkara’s wearing them). LOL

    Great video, Tony!

  7. Great to have you back with a brand new season. And all those cameos were hilarious! Welp, time for me to find a lab coat and a white wig for that cameo!

  8. Moviemantweeter1999

    Man who ever knew Harrison ford’s wife was hot. Anyway love this review. I espically love all the cameos by the other reviews(espically the great Luke ski I loved his puppet slapping you). But I have a question do you know who Jon bailey is he’s the guy who does the honest trailer videos voice over guy and he lives in California and I think you should get him to do it he lives way close to you. His YouTube name is Jon 3.0 so go there if you wanna know who he is.

  9. This was still open when I went to Universal studios Florida, and despite knowing nothing about the movies at the time, it was one of the highlights of my trip.

    By the way, I did the math, the contest ends 3 days before part 3 is supposed to come out. Are you SURE you can edit in the cameo(s) by then?

  10. Jerk and Film Brain crossover. Now!

  11. Hey, Jerk.

    You make really good videos, ya jerk!

  12. LOVE! Hooray for new Jerk! I suck at impressions but perhaps I can convince my baby broseph to don a white wig…

  13. Now I can understand how you can afford to do this. I thought you just like lived at Disney World. But you had a lot of time in between.

    (Do you have any other episodes, like maybe one explaining the rock?)

  14. Awesome to see a new vid! Can’t wait for Season III!

  15. Are you going to do the simpsons ride in the future? There’s a clip of Doc Brown in the ride that would be perfect future material for this and that ride.

  16. Ah, Used Cars. The movie that made me realize: “Wait… I can see naked boobies in movies?”

  17. The one fatal flaw is that without the motion simulation, the ride sucks. I LOVE Back to the Future, but the footage alone is actually slower than I remember and if you’re not being swung around in motion simulation then it’s just dull.

  18. For those wondering, yes, Jerk made a replica of the sports almanac from Bttf Part II just for my cameo. The man is THAT dedicated.

  19. I’m not sure but was there a Weird Al reference in this video?

  20. The fact that both Fat Grandma and Dr. Demento turned up made this video 100% worth the wait.

  21. Don’t suppose you could mix in a little Urbex & go to some long dead abandoned theme park? Even better if you know some history on it.

    • Steve the Pocket

      The only one that really makes sense for him to cover would be Dreamland in Nara, Japan. And while I’d certainly love to see an episode dedicated to that, he’d practically need the resources of a professional documentary filmmaker to get any real material. I doubt there’s much footage of it that he could plunder from YouTube, for one thing. The park’s heyday was before even Japanese tourists would have had digital camcorders. Even official promos and the like would be harder to hunt down than the ones made for US parks, plus then there’s the need for a translator…

      • SomeJerkWithACamera

        Yeah, abandoned parks really only work if I can contrast them with footage of when the park was open, and lots of it. And it helps if I actually VISITED the park in question at some point.

        • I saw footage of a half-built abandoned Disney park, complete with Cinderella’s Castle somewhere in rural China you could visit – it was never opened. Though I understand it’s currently occupied by armed and unfriendly squatters, so maybe not the safest place to visit…

  22. Jerk: “No more cameos!”
    Doug: “You know the rules, 2 videos a month.”
    Viewer: “Ah, so is that the real reason Spoony was…” ::gagged & dragged away::
    Viewer 2: “& why Littlekuriboh never….” ::gagged & dragged away::
    Viewer 3 “So Jesuotaku & Marzgurl…” ::gagged & dragged away::
    Cameo: “Great Scott, motherfu… ::toiletpapered::

    Back to the Future 4 is by Telltale, more movie than game really. Highly recommended. Definitely better than the 3ed movie.

    13:53 That ET could give Porno ET a run for her money in creepiness.

    Sam & Max: “So uh, this MacGuffin in your back pocket…Would it happen to be…glazed?”

  23. 8:35 surprise Nostalgia Critic cosplay hidden cameo.

    I hope we get Rick of “Rick and Morty” fame to give a Doc Brown cameo. Also scientist Arnold Schwarzenegger from T3 (oh yea, there was the sweet Terminator: The Ride)

    Jerk made this ride a three part vid…………..



    I get it!

  24. Listen to this!
    Listen to this!
    Listen to this!
    … xDD
    Jerk, you’re getting better and funnier with every video!

  25. I’m guessing they didn’t think the ride last to 2015 looks like its time for them to edit it to 2050


  27. Great Scott! A new episode of Some Jerk With A Camera! Christ, this is heavy! Also, I love the Doc Brown audition bit,as well as when Jerk fell for the Sky-way’s return, and the gagging Spazz and dragging him away joke. If the first part is this good, the next 2 will be awesome!

  28. huh of all those doc brown impressions, I was expecting a “Rick and Morty” impression to cameo XD

  29. When you’re stuck in bed
    With a nasty cold
    Who you gonna watch?

    …I thought it would be obvious.

    Thanks, Mr.J, for brightening up my day.

  30. So concerning Universal Studios Hollywood info, it’s come to my attention that the expanded Springfield area with themed restaurants opened today (March 28th).

    • Yesterday, but yep. Literally just came back from there. Highly recommend the Chicken & Waffle Sandwich from Cetus’.

      • I live close enough to Universal that I could go there whenever I feel like it. Haven’t been in well over a decade, though, and I’ve kinda been waiting for the Wizarding World to open before I go again (I LOVED Wizarding World at Islands of Adventure).

        Would you say that it’s worth going to Universal now, and going back again when Wizarding World opens? Or should I just wait for Wizarding World?

        • SomeJerkWithACamera

          My advice: later this year, around November or December, get a “Buy A Day, Get 2016 Free” pass (assuming they don’t discontinue them) as soon as they go on sale. Go as much as possible next winter and spring, BEFORE Harry Potter opens, to check out everything ELSE that’s opened there in the past decade – The Simpsons Ride, Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem, Transformers: The Ride, the Springfield area, and the Studio Tour with Kong 360 and Fast and Furious: Supercharged. Then later that year, once the Potter stuff has opened, use your 2016 pass to come back and see it. Once Harry Potter opens, the park is going to be PACKED damn-near constantly – enjoy the relatively short lines while they last.

          • Thanks for the great advice, Jerk! I never would have thought of that, but it sounds like a perfect idea! I’m definitely going to do that.

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