Some Jerk With A Camera: Boy Meets World Meets Disney World!

Some Jerk reviews the Boy Meets World episode “The Happiest Show On Earth”!

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  1. Cue all the bee jokes now.

  2. OMG, that evil Mickey laugh is EPIC!

  3. Some of us it was because when Boy Meets World started we were the same age as the characters so it was like seeing ourselves on TV. For the first time it wasn’t a bunch of older kids or younger kids it was our peers.

    I never caught the Step by Step connection because I never watched that show. I caught the Sabrina cross over because of the time ball but really Boy Meets World at the time was the only show I was a hardcore fan of.

    BMB had a lot of continuity issues if you keep watching the whole thing is retconned so Topanga and Cory knew each other before him and Shawn met. The thing the show had all the way through though was this great big thumping heart. It was the only show where we saw people who genuinely gave a shit about each other and for some of us that was enough to keep us realizing that even if our own social circles were full of shitheads there were good people out there somewhere.

  4. Cinnamon Scudworth

    You seemed mystified why BMW has endured so strongly, and then you answered your own question in the video. Not sure if that was intentional or not.

    But yes, the reason BMW stuck in the minds of this generation (and the reason ABC Family is still airing it after who knows how many years) is that it respected the audience, it was a lot more self-aware, and it wasn’t quite as LCD as TGIF’s other offerings at the time.

  5. So Jerk, is the Critic Intro by They Might Be Giants officially your most used audio clip?

  6. Crossover Princess

    Actually you forgot another crossover. There was a crossover event between Sabrina, Boy Meets World and two shows that didn’t make it past one season, one was a show about a genie and the other was a show about a teenager who died then became his best friend’s guardian angel.

    The story was Salem ate a thing called a time ball (insert Doctor Who reference here) which caused time to alter time to whatever decade someone nearby was thinking about. Salem ran off and Sabrina had to chaise him through the shows as he altered time to the 60’s (Sabrina), 40’s (Boy Meets World), 50’s (Genie show) and 70 (Angel show… which I also remembered had the actress who was Marsha on the Brady Bunch so bonus points for that).

    So yeah… the crossover situation is much worse than you realize… Though I do remember the syndicated versions of Sabrina and Boy Meets world did cut out the crossover aspects.

  7. Hi Some Jerk, I’m a long time watcher, first time commenter (I think, I may have posted on your videos on the MR. coat website under the name awkward nerd but I forget). Anyway, I have an obsession over the Disney company including the theme parks. We used to go to Disney world nearly every year, until one year when our plans were changed last minute and we went to universal instead. My parents assured me we would go next year… only for us to be hit by a series of financial issues that pretty much wrecked us for going to any theme park that wasn’t our local six flags (and even then our visits are infrequent). So now all I have left are the shows of you and your friends and bootlegged ride videos on youtube. Still, even if I never go to a Disney park again, that’s all I really need. Thank you.

  8. I use to watch Full House, Family Matters, and Perfect Strangers. Saw a few episodes of Step by Step. I’ve never seen a single episode of Boy Meets World.

    What was the misunderstanding in the episode? This review never shows enough of it to catch what caused it.

    • SomeJerkWithACamera

      Apparently in the episodes immediately preceding this one, Cory and Topanga broke up. Cory started dating other girls, one of whom decides she’s in love with Cory and won’t stop kissing him at inopportune moments when Topanga is watching, so she assumes he’s two-timing him.

      • SomeJerkWithACamera

        Two-timing HER, sorry, stupid lack of an edit button.

        • I understand that’s what it was suppose to look like. But what I see is:

          Boy tells Tropicana how he feels.
          Cut to Jerk and evil Micky.
          Cut back to other girl kissing Boy.

          The impression I got was that she just walked up and kissed him while he was in the middle of a sentence. What happens in the intervening moment to shift the blame onto Boy?

          Same thing happens later in the review.

          Boy says he’ll tell Tropicana how he feels again.
          Cut to Jerk pointing out poor continuity.
          Cut back to other girl who has apparently teleported onto Boy’s lips.

          Does Boy ever do anything to make it look like he’s encouraging other girl to kiss him? Otherwise it would just makes Tropicana look irrational.

          The audience is being lead to one conclusion about what happened while Tropicana jumps to some other conclusion. With the editing in this review it’s unclear why her interpretation would be different from that of the audience?

          • SomeJerkWithACamera

            It’s the standard farcical “I have my back turned during the setup but I catch the punchline” thing – the first time, Topanga is talking to Cory, then someone else wants to talk to her, then the other girl approaches Cory, says “I want to make it work between us” and kisses him. Topanga only sees the kiss.

            The second time, Cory is telling Shawn about all the nice things he plans to tell Topanga, the other girl overhears him saying those things and thinks he’s talking about HER, so she kisses him again. And again, Topanga only sees the kiss. Standard sitcom mix-up shenanigans, I figured they’d be self-explanatory.

            Also, Topanga tells Cory at one point, “It’s hard to trust you when I see you with all these other girls.” Maybe I shoulda left that shot in, I dunno.

  9. Moviemantweeter1999

    Wow I knew mickey was Eviler then Adolf Hitler because he wanted Ben Savage to promote Disney world a lot. I really feel sad for those bees during. But then again I wouldn’t wanna get stung by the bees so that’s good. Good review its my favorite one out of the six videos youve posted of it so far to the site and how did the wire did escape the Disney police? Can you plZZZZZZ answer my question I’ll love you forever.

  10. I’ve never watched Boy Meets World, so I’m not sure what I’m missing…

  11. Unfun fact: I once met the actress who played Topanga. She was…um…nice.

    Anyway, this was yet another fun video. Hey, Some Jerk. Keep it up!

  12. Dead on Evil Mickey Mouse impression. DEAD ON. I knew he had it in him.

    Am I the only one who wonders what the “conversations” on the stuck Ferris Wheel are about prior to him introducing the episode? They could be a series of funny sketches all on their own.

    The power of the Big No has been invoked for the second time…and somehow funnier than the first.

    Strangely, this is the only show reviewed so far that I even thought was funny on its own. Might be tempted to view an episode or two if my entire weekend wasn’t booked solid by a Star Trek TOS marathon and a box or six of Kleenex.

    Two thumbs up, Jerk. I was not a quintessential nineties kid, and sometimes it’s nice to hear about what I missed in the mainstream. You can officially consider your show to be educational. 😉

  13. I hated boy meets world, it was so fucking bland and boring, some of the jokes were funny but they were far and few between. until this review I had forgotten all about it and tomorrow I will have forgotten it exists again. that’s how forgettable it is

    • The first couple seasons when they are really young is kind of bland, but the farther along the series goes, the more off-the-wall shit they occasionally threw in.
      I recommend the horror episode where everyone dies one-by-one, slasher-style.

  14. boy meets world was waaaaayyy too sappy and cheesy, but I remember adamantly taping every episode when I was a kid, along with Sabrina.

  15. The best Boy Meets World episode was definitely the Scream parody “And Then There Was Shawn”.

  16. While not an official crossover, Cory and Urkel exchanged chain lleters referenced in both shows. And eveb if TGIF sitcoms were considered the 90s Marvel Cinematic universe at least they are much more consistent with their continuity. Carl gets referred to as the Fresh pince dad while on fresh prince of bel air in 1 episode while they acknowledge the ‘full house twins’ In fresh prince.

  17. I love Boy Meets World. Your review seemed to capture what was good about this show. I wasn’t sure how you were going to react to the fake Cory. I never even seen this as one of the stronger episodes, but there is still allot that works and shows how this series stood out.

    I think why some people don’t remember it as well because it didn’t really hit it’s stride until after the first few seasons. When it first came on Family Matters, Step by Step, and Full House were already established. It was more known as “that other show in the line up”. When the show starting getting good TGIF as a whole was falling apart. Allot of shows ended and moved to other networks. In the end the only two shows on the air were BMW and Sabrina not counting shows that would only last one season. I think less people were watching TGIF during the majority of the series. I think allot of people mainly remember it from reruns. It had a strong fan base that grew over time. Then again I saw it on TGIF so who knows.

  18. Oh and the Avengers thing? There was actually a massive TGIF cross over where every show that night tied in with each other. I know you mainly do theme park stuff, but you may want to check it out.

  19. Does anybody else think Topanga looks a little like a young Charisma Carpenter?

  20. what were the no songs on here?

  21. I watched Boy Meets World as a kid & have fond memories of it, though I do recall not liking how soap opera it became during the later seasons. Mr. Feeny was awesome, I remember one epic line he had back in the day when Corey & Shawn freak out over how he’s the principle at their new highschool & he says “Yes, the legend continues,” though it could have been their college years instead, its been a while XD

    I also found it odd how Corey’s big brother started off like a normal person but eventually devolves into a brainless moron (funny as hell mind you, but I still thought it was weird how everyone else is treated like a “real person” or rather a well rounded character while he becomes the Looney Tunes comedy relief guy out of all of them lol).

    P.S. excellent Horror Guru & Count Jackula cameos, I look forward to the crossover between you three, BWAHAHAHAHAHA! >8D

  22. Gotta say, I love your energy in these reviews. It’s like a cup of coffee you drink with your ears.
    Note: Do not attempt to drink actual coffee with your ears.

  23. Funny thing about your joke where Cory throws the fry and it hits someone offscreen, Boy Meets World itself did a similar joke once: Cory is trying to play darts with Topanga in the same restaurant, but she’s feeling particularly horny and jumps on him, causing him to throw the dart into the dining area and that hits someone offscreen. Luckily for him, that someone turned out to be Shawn, who didn’t even see him do it, which leads to a memorable quote from Cory: “Lotta sick people out there, man.”

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