Some Jerk With A Camera: The Interview starring James Franko and Seth Rogann

The movie someone on the internet doesn’t want you to see. WARNING: Contains spoilers.

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  1. Now why would anyone reject such a brilliant film!? They have no idea what they were denying! That was one of the best movies I have ever seen!

  2. This film seems awesome!

  3. That was great!

    …I’m going to miss you guys. 🙁

  4. Funniest thing I’ve seen in days, guys.

    And, I have to say, Harry just nailed his part.

  5. Or you could just go to one of the theaters that’s showing the real thing. Apparently Obama lit a fire under their ass.

    • Sorry if that sounded Snooty. I just wanted to let people know the news. I thought it hilarious that this came out on CA just after the announcement was made.


  6. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    funny video Tony.i’m jealous that you got to see it before me.but oh well,maybe i’ll watch it on video on demand or when it comes to one of the theaters (that is not a big movie theater chain) to go see it.

  7. Update: I am going to pretend that this video is the sole reason the movie finally got a release.

  8. Your interpretation is so damn awesome. Now it really makes me want to see the actual movie.

  9. This sucked but somehow awkwardly hilarious by you unnatractive people.

  10. But still unattracrtive and awkwardly funny. hmhmhmm Suk kissing part is my favorite.

  11. Some Jerk, you have betrayed Mr. Coat & Friends by posting a new video here, and not on their site! HOW DARE YOU CALL YOURSELF A FRIEND OF MR. COAT’S!

    Seriously though, I’m glad you’re on Channel Awesome, but I wish you could still upload on Mr. Coat and remember all the little people who helped you out on your way to the top. Please still upload on Mr. Coat! Please!

    • Actually, I agree. Don’t necessarily see what’s stopping him? Posting new content on one site means he can’t do it on the other? Or who knows? Maybe he’s planning to post it there eventually and we’re jumping to conclusions.

    • SomeJerkWithACamera

      I was never actually the one to physically post videos on Mr. Coat. So far, every time I’ve released a new video on Blip, Stefan has added it to Mr. Coat. And he still may; Channel Awesome has no exclusivity on me.

  12. Way better than it has any right to be. Now the question is whether this will be better than the actual movie.

  13. loved all the “Whaaaaaat?”sss, he sounded just like Franco XD Now I don’t even have to see the movie.

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