Some Jerk With A Camera: Shrek 4D Part 1

Shrek still has a ride? Really?! SHREK?!?

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  1. lol, this is one of the funniest title cards I’ve ever seen.

  2. MiscellaneousSoup

    This is one of my favorite reviews.

  3. I actually like the Shrek movies. Sure, Shrek the Third was nothing special, but Shrek Forever After made up for it, and is just about on the same quality as the first two.

  4. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I can’t wat to see were this goes and your quite right about bill Cosby impressions not being funny anymore. What did you think of shrek forever after and puss in boots you never said it in the video?And I gotta say you actually made me laugh at a fart joke even though the fart joke in the movie wasn’t funny kudos to you for that. But is there any chance you’ll review muppet vision 3D I would really like to see you do that ride?

    • SomeJerkWithACamera

      Never saw Shrek Forever After or Puss In Boots. After Shrek the Third I was done with the whole franchise.

      I dunno about a proper REVIEW review, but I definitely plan to discuss Muppet*Vision, briefly at least, in a future video…

      • MidnightScreeningsman2014

        Well at least see puss in boots it’s way better then the last two films in the franchise. But I’m interested to see you discuss the muppets vision ride seems interesting!!!

        But in your Simpsons ride review you said that you’d do the minion mayhem ride sometime? So PLZ do it for this season especially with the new minions movie coming out?

        • SomeJerkWithACamera

          I didn’t say that. I mentioned the Despicable Me ride to make a point, but I didn’t say I’d do a whole review of it.

          And anyway, if you wanted me to review DM:MM…ya shoulda cast a vote for it last year.

          • MidnightScreeningsman2014

            Can you do a poll again but this time on your facebook and maybe just maybe it can happen next season? PLZ I almost cried at the moment you said you wouldn’t do a full review of it? PLZ it would get lots and lots of comments on it?

          • SomeJerkWithACamera

            Dude…I’m sorry, but if your happiness depends on me reviewing a specific ride you REALLY need to straighten out your priorities.

            Maybe I’ll get to it someday, but no promises.

          • MidnightScreeningsman2014

            At least you said sorry that made me have a big smile right across my face . But maybe you can talk about it briefly?

          • SomeJerkWithACamera

            I’m sorry, but I’m not here to pander to you.

          • MidnightScreeningsman2014

            It’s ok tony I’m over it now. Still love your videos, I’ll get my priorities dtraoght,and I expect you to review the transformers ride since that got a decent amount of votes in the poll last year.

          • SomeJerkWithACamera

            Please consider the poll results more a guideline than a hard-and-fast rule.

  5. Crossover Princess

    The seat Jerk around… really? That seems safe…

    • It doesn’t jerk around too badly. In fact, the ride’s movements are so slight that a baby could ride it. That being said, I still wouldn’t suggest it for pregnant women.

  6. Yeah, I still don’t understand why Universal keeps this open when you can see it basically anywhere now. Does it seriously draw that big a crowd, or are there just no plans to replace it?

    • SomeJerkWithACamera

      My theory is, in Hollywood they’re keeping it open as a “people-eater” (industry term for an attraction with high capacity) while Harry Potter is being built right next to it, so people have SOMETHING to do in that area. And in Florida…they just have nothing to replace it with.

      • One of the planned Nintendo attraction could perhaps replace it?

        • SomeJerkWithACamera

          Maybe in Hollywood, where space is limited (though I think they’re more likely to put something Potter-related in that space eventually). But in Florida, Nintendo is easily a big enough topic to support an entire LAND, and they have too many indispensable attractions surrounding Shrek. Maybe they’ll replace/retheme Toon Lagoon with a Nintendo land of some sort.

          • Steve the Pocket

            Toon Lagoon, Woody Woodpecker’s Kidzone… hard to say which one deserves to be bulldozed first. Both are based on properties that are hilariously bottom-of-the-barrel (Blondie! Barney! Dudley Do-Right!) because Looney Tunes, Hanna-Barbera, and Peanuts have already been licensed out to dozens of assorted parks around the country β€” literally just today I was at a mini-golf place with a Yogi Bear mascot. Meanwhile, whatever happened to the Nickelodeon themed stuff that used to be there? Seems like they might be able to pick up the slack; kids these days sure do love their Spongebob.

          • SomeJerkWithACamera

            I think Universal lost their license with Nickelodeon when Nickelodeon decided, “Why involve ourselves with a whole theme park when we can just OPEN A HOTEL and sell tons of merchandise there?”

        • The Duderino Man

          Ahem, my good sir. I am going to assume that this Nintendo Land you speak of will be in the Islands of Adventure theme park, which means that Shrek 4-D will still be standing since that is in the Universal Studios Florida theme park, where it currently resides. I am making this assumption because the Islands of Adventure have a specific theme like The Wizarding World of Harry Potter or Marvel Super Hero Island, while Universal Studios Florida has Hollywood and New York, and there is certainly not a Diagon Alley in a Universal Studios Florida.

  7. I REALLY expected Bill Cipher to pop up during that whole Illumnati joke, but anyways, great episode as always!

  8. Well. Didn’t expect that ride to be the one to be reviewed. Part 2 should be interesting. And that ending was… unexpected.

  9. Well this was hilarious! Must say I was surprised to see Bosby back. I’m sure with the recent events, it’s a huge risk to bring him back. Still, nice review Tony as always!

  10. The irony behind the release date of this vid at 17:04.

  11. Heart-Lightning

    I heard they are going to make a 5th Shrek film. WHY!?!?!

    Also, I did watch the other two movies and I would say that the 3rd move was better than the 4th. Both aren’t very good at all, but the 3rd movie at least had some form of originality. Shrek 4 was basically a rip-off of “It’s a Wonderful Life” from the point where the husband get the kids till the end.

    I’m surprised that Square Enix and Disney have not opted out to make a Kingdom Hearts ride yet though Some Jerk With a Camera.

  12. When you did the Cat in the Hat clip about Universal studios at 3:55 I have to admit I was a bit sad that I didn’t hear the “Cha-Ching” like in Nostalgia Critic’s Cat in the Hat review. I know its not your bit, and no reason to put it there, but I swear I mentally heard it there anyways πŸ™‚

  13. Steve the Pocket

    Ah, DreamWorks SKG. The company that was going to unite three titans of filmmaking in a grand independent distributor, and within a decade ended up dropping Geffen, splitting up into two separate studios, and getting bought out by Viacom and Sony respectively.

    Show business is a bitch.

    • Dreamworks Animation is owned by 20th Century Fox, and Dreamworks Studios (live-action) is owned by Disney, and is marketed under their Touchstone banner.

      • Steve the Pocket

        Actually the Touchstone and 20th Century Fox things are just distribution deals, like how Disney’s movies used to be distributed by RKO Radio Pictures but the studio was still independent.

        Yeah, it’s confusing as hell. To the point where I did actually get the Viacom/Sony thing wrong; it’s DreamWorks Studios that got bought by Viacom, but then sold off to an investment firm (I swear Wikipedia said Sony was a part-owner just a week ago), and DreamWorks Animation has been independent since the split.

  14. lol, I just couldn’t help but chuckle at this review coming out right around the time my city’s Community Theater is about to put on a production of “Shrek The Musical” I mean, I know there was no way it was planned or anything like that on purpose, but I am just laughing at how funny the timing and coincidence was. XD

    Love your review SJWAC πŸ˜€

  15. One thing that putted me off about this review were your fingers. If you gonna make a close-up please consider to have nothing nasty under the fingernails or up it.
    The rest was fun.

    • SomeJerkWithACamera

      I’m not here to pander to your OCD, sir. This show is not “Some Jerk With Clean Fingernails.”

      • Well if you care about presentation, which you obviously do with all the different locations, it’s just a shame you don’t take hygiene into this.
        And joking about OCD, you can do better than that. Use jokes about OCD in a better context and not some guy who is giving you valid critism. You have nasty fingernails, do something about it. It’s that easy.

        • SomeJerkWithACamera

          I wasn’t joking.

        • SomeJerkWithACamera

          And I CERTAINLY don’t trust anyone who feels the need to call their own criticism “valid.” Only the TRULY crazy people think they’re perfectly sane.

        • SomeJerkWithACamera

          Let me explain something to you, Mr. Fingernails.

          I write, produce, direct and edit every episode of this show. I write the scripts, compile the shotlists and decide the locations. As you say, I use a lot of locations. Dozens each shooting day, in fact. Aside from a few friends whose ONLY JOB is to hold the camera and occasionally say things in front of it, I’m essentially a crew of one. My equipment amounts to, essentially, a camera and a few batteries. And we have a VERY limited amount of time to get all the shots we need. And in every shot, a million things could go wrong – lighting, framing, audio, timing, and of course the infinite nuances of performance. Plus I’m shooting on someone else’s private property without a permit, so I’m trying to avoid detection, and an average of about once a day some genius will photobomb the camera and ruin a take. Far more often, people will walk behind the camera and do something distracting without even realizing it. And here I am, trying to juggle ALL of those concerns in my head and still hurry up and get all the shots we need before the park closes and/or we lose our light.

          And on top of ALL this, we shoot outside. Not out in the woods or anything, of course, but still, it’s hardly a sterile environment.


          It would be far easier on both of us if you could see the forest for the fucking trees and stop letting dirty fingernails bother you. If you find this impossible, then I truly pity anyone who has to regularly communicate with you, you intolerable OCD freak.

          Yours in Christ,

          Shitnails McGee.

          • SomeJerkWithACamera

            P.S. Before you ask, no I DON’T think I can afford to bring a personal manicurist with me on these shoots. If you’re willing to do it for free, my answer is still no. I’m trying to memorize my fucking lines and I don’t need another distraction.

          • You could’ve said ‘yeah you right, I will remember it next time’ and go on with it.

          • SomeJerkWithACamera

            I could’ve, but it would’ve been a dirty pandering lie and I respect even YOU too much to lie to you.

            The world does not exist to agree with you, sir, and most people learn that before they learn how to spell as well as you do, so I have no fucking idea what your excuse is.

            Fingernails are YOUR irrational obsession, sir. I have plenty of irrational obsessions of my own without you trying to add one more.

          • LoL FourLights you know sometimes it’s better just not to say anything, better then being a dick for no reason. The guy clearly puts a lot of effort to make these videos, pretty sure he has more shit to worry about then fingernails like who fuking cares we ain’t perfect. Also watching other people’s fingernails..kinda creepy bro not gonna lie u sound like my ex gf lol.

          • SomeJerkWithACamera

            I sincerely hope our fingernail-obsessed friend here doesn’t have kids. If he does…someday the last thing some poor soul will ever hear while getting stabbed to death will be, “Are my fingernails clean enough NOW, dad?!”

    • Hey Tony, don’t mind this jackass.

      He goes around nitpicking videos and says racist comments like “Proffesor Nigger” and “Liutenant Rape” on BGP’s Capcom video.

      I’m surprised he’s not banned from the site yet.

      • If you think Doctor Holocaust is an oke name (which I find horrendous), than you don’t have problems with those other two names to use as a ‘character’.

        • Is your life so devoid of meaning that you’re attacking a producer just for his fingernails?!

          I didn’t even care about that when watching the video and seriously, who gives a shit?

          Oh, you do, apparently.

          • SomeJerkWithACamera

            Clearly this guy’s final solution is to round up everyone with dirty fingernails, load them onto trains and send them to concentration camps. #Nailocaust

  16. Shrek…I can’t decide how I feel about it, it is funny like, but it’s just SO full of hate (mainly talking about the first one)

    • yeah but I think part of that hate really was a kind of love of the adnormal, and a bit of optimism within the cynicism. But Kung Fu Panda did it better.

  17. A chuckle as always. I haven’t seen one of your reviews in a while.

    Bill Cosby jokes might not be funny anymore, but your joking about it was funny…if that makes sense. My favorite part was the three ghosts and I’m looking forward to seeing more of them.

    I like the end in particular. The silence during the credits was unexpected and kept me watching to the end (to see if anyone moved!) and, dare I say, put me in a state of suspense waiting for the next one! So, smart choice. Two thumbs up.

  18. So why are Bill Cosby jokes not funny anymore?

  19. top notch work as always. Is mafia frog new? I demand more mafia frog! (or toad, or I can never tell).

  20. Any chance of a Jaws the ride review? Probably for a special occasion?

  21. Omg jerk please tell me what the clip with the guy holding a piece of paper with a circle is from cause I saw it once as a kid and my father refuses to believe me when I say it has to be real

  22. Jerk I’ve been there three and a half years ago and done that including that, guess.

  23. “Raindrops keep falling on my head”, that’s fine Jerk with Camera but next time could you use “I’m Singing in the Rain”? and oh my god a fucking floating ghost DVD of Shrek 3-D Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh! Also yes I fucking hate this movie and it’s whole franchise with all my heart especially knowing it’s true history these days, I never liked it much before, but these days I hate this Green Shit Ogre and Friends even more. I don’t have much time to type the details why I hate this film and everything associated with it, but let’s just say I’m mostly a huge Disney and Universal (with some Pixar and some others too) fan just like you plus I still love traditional animated features the most even in this highly digital information and images age, enough said.

  24. They might have used Eisenberg’s likeness for the villain, but the guy more resembles Richard Lewis in Men in Tights.

  25. Speaking of Oscars, were you really part of the 74th Academy Awards as yourself? Because on your IMDb page it says you were on the 74th Academy Awards’ credits as yourself.

    • SomeJerkWithACamera

      I was, yeah…but at the time that meant even less than it does now. I was in a short film made specifically for that year’s ceremony, directed by Errol Morris, where both famous and ordinary people talked about their favorite movies. I’m in it for about one second, saying two words: “Holy Grail.”

  26. I want a Gurgi plushie now. πŸ™

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