Some Jerk With A Camera: Shrek 4D Part 2

Check yo’self before you Shrek yo’self.

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  1. Crossover Princess

    Okay when I first heard abotu the Evil One I was scared… then I saw who it was… and that made me laugh BIG TIME!

    I can’t wait for the next reveiw! It would have been funny if it ended up coming out on October 2nd… BUT it looks that’s not going to be the be the day you put up a video…

    • MidnightScreeningsman2014

      Actually that could happen(if he decides to wait and put the video out on that date I could wait plus it would be good timing too!!!)

      • Crossover Princess

        Sorry, forgot to explain why it would have been funny… Personal reasons…

        I’m going to Disney World a month from today and I’ll be there for more than a week… That’s why it would have been funny it would have been added the Friday I was there…

        But still I’ve been looking forward to the next review since I got into SJWAC…


  3. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Will smith likes shrek then why does he sound so ashamed(probably because of all the fart jokes that take up story but hey there’s no need to feel ashamed all of us like it).

    Anyways jerk great review even better then part 1(I would have liked it to have been a longer but still great nonetheless)!!! I love the reasoning you came up for your show being on hiatus for a few month cause that joke was so bad you probably felt so embarrassed that you couldn’t edit it. Love that the enemy of the ghost is PAC-man and for the clip used I would have said that you used it from pixels since that movie opened but saying you used it from PAC man is your choice(and gingers don’t have souls was a racist joke but it made me laugh so props to you for making me laugh at a terrible joke). Also spotted Casper I wish the nc would bring him back but I think you put him in because the mention of Walt Disney and next episode).

    Also am excited for the next episode your going back to the place you fear most you got the biggest bouncy inflatable balls that you can toss around and use at a beach to go back to that place(and by that I mean you actually have beach balls trying to keep it appropriate and not trying to make this awkward which I probably did but anyways on to talk about the next thing I wanna talk about).

    Love that you gave a hint to the next episode in this title card and you actually used the haunted mansion. I’m also very excited that the escape from tomorrow review falls on September 11th 2015 which is the first Friday I have school that dap and no matter to have my very first drab week I have to go back to school and have the week end on one of your vids(that or you’ll push it back to October but who knows). But since that cliffhanger ending was there,how many parts will your next video be in(I think three parts would be good since you could release it on September 11th(the day a horror movie opens),on September 25th part 2 would be(since hotel Transylvania 2 opens that day),and you could release part 3 close to Halloween). But how many parts will your review for escape from tommorow be in(PLZ fill me in I’m curious)?

    Live the review as always and as mentioned on your twitter don’t put too much ghost effects into your videos in the future(but if you do that would be brave).

  4. Well worth the wait, Tony. That pesky Doggans!

  5. I’d just like to say that I have yet to see a video of yours that hasn’t made me laugh out loud at least once. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  6. Yeah, if I had to spend that amount of time around Ghost Con Guy and “Ghost Dad,” I’d be praying for a proton pack too. Though it’s nice to see that even Ghost!Figment fears “The Evil One.” 🙂

  7. …is am i not the extended version of ain’t?

  8. Oh I’ve been waiting for him to review that piece of shit that I refuse to name!

  9. This ride I’ve actually been on, albeit about ten years ago. And even then I didn’t much care for it. What kept on bothering me was that several of the jokes were ripped off straight from the movie, but made completely flat and limp. How do you drain all the energy out of pre-made jokes?

    That somehow bothered me more than the ghost thing.

  10. I loved the build up to he who could not be named and the reveal. Well done.

    Were you able to get that beetle juice shot in one take? Did you talk with him at all before hand, or did you try filming multiple workers for the best shot?

    • SomeJerkWithACamera

      All I said to the guy is, “Could you play along for a thing I’m shooting?” I re-shot it with another guy playing Beetlejuice another day, and also shot close-ups of just my half of the (admittedly short) conversation. Ultimately, what worked best was just to use that first take all in one shot.

  11. First the fingernails, now the man with the rotten teeth. This show is going downwards.

  12. Is that humpty dumpty’s grave? Wait that would mean puss in boots came before even shreks story.. Interesting; foreshadowing for a prequel…

  13. I believe Lord Farquad “died” due to Dragonfire, not fire. Dragonfire tends to have magic infused with it than regular fire.

    If we recall in fairy tales or medieval fantasies, Dragonfire tends to have special properties that make it a whole new subject altogether. And before you call BS on that, let’s recall that Dragonfire is a major plot point in Game of Thrones and anything that uses it tends to help fight off against the White Walkers.

    • SomeJerkWithACamera

      Still…that would mean dragonfire destroys ghosts. So if a dragon breathes fire on you, not only does it incinerate and kill you, but YOU DON’T EVEN GET TO EXPERIENCE THE AFTERLIFE. Fine. Thing is…Farquaad was EATEN by the same dragon who destroyed his ghost. Wouldn’t the dragonfire inside that dragon have destroyed his ghost too?

  14. This was really funny. Any review of a Shrek amusement park ride that heavily features a fascist ghost dragon and fits in a Frighteners reference should only be praised. I saw this at Universal Florida when it first came out, and it’s impressive you got this much good content out of the thing.

    Hope Jamba Juice and Taco Bell actually paid out, that was a great teaser. Greyscale. S’great.

    • SomeJerkWithACamera

      I will happily accept any and all free stuff Jamba Juice wishes to send me. Taco Bell, I’ll pretend to happily accept before giving it to my friend Morgan to feed to her dogs.

  15. A question for Tony Goldmark: Do you agree with the interpretation of the film Idiocracy as a (partial) commentary on the types of people who see themselves as the ONE LONE SMART PERSON in a sea of idiots?

  16. I just realized that Universal Studios is the only place where they could make “Beetlejuice vs. the Ghostbusters.”

  17. Loved the review as always. Whole lot of fun. I actually saw the show recently while I was on vacation, and found it to just be so uninteresting a ride. It was quite nice to see someone tear into it.

    In other news I think I just found out something you might be interested in taking note of. A couple years back Figment had his own Comic book. (which I only found out because they’ve apparently made more)
    From what I can tell it’s apparently part of this weird Disney Kingdom’s set of comics or novels that’re based around the Disney parks. Thought you might be interested in knowing if you were unaware though. This seems right up your alley.

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