Something Just Like This – Pop Song Review

Girl, I can’t be your Superman.

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  1. I’ve never heard this song before but I tend to like both of these artists. Then again, I don’t like love songs. Well, at least there’s nothing douchey in it so C+.

  2. Achilles wore armor that was so shiny and distinctive everybody on both sides knew when he was on the battlefield. It’s main claim to fame is that when Achilles refused to fight his best friend put on the armor and pretended to be him. When the Trojans best fighter killed Achilles best friend it gave Achilles his first reason to be invested in the war. An the humility bad slaughter got started.

  3. I never hated Coldplay, but I would have forever hated the Chainsmokers if these two groups haven’t collaborated. But I wish that the guitar wasn’t drowned out slightly by the EDM…

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