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Ryan, Josh, and Frank review and talk about Sonic CD for the Sega CD. Does Sonic’s first CD foray speed as fast as a sonic boom and does it live up to it’s legacy on the Sega Genesis?

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  1. The Real Silverstar

    Like the BGP crew, my household didn’t have a Sega CD nor did I know anybody who owned one, so I never saw this game firsthand, though I was aware of it. I’ve never seen any of the actual levels before this video, but I have heard some of the music on and off in various places. I do like the theme tune ‘Sonic Boom’ and the music for Frog Forest.

  2. I’m not sure he mention that (I didn’t watch yet) but story of creation of this game is fascinating. Basically after creators of series left Sega AM8 in Japan in order to join Sega Technical Institute in USA (known commonly as Sonic Team). AM8 still has many design materials, prototypes and people working on original game so they basically did work on separate sequel for this game alongside creating several spin off Sonic games. It is why Sonic CD use classic Sonic design despite being released year after Sonic 2.

    For long time Sonic Team literally ignore Japanese made games referencing Sonic CD events for the first time in Sonic Adventure, mostly due to popularity of Metal Sonic and Amy Rose. But nowadays both branches bury the hole between them and Japanese branch is officially considered as Sonic Team Japan. It is why Sonic CD events were officially reintegrated in mainline plot (Sonic CD take place between first and second game and Eggman didn’t created Metal Sonic, he created Mecha Sonic as attempt to repair Metal after he was damaged).

  3. Sonic CD is the most overrated video game in existence. It looks and plays like a bad romhack. Genesis Sonic games destroy it, yet CD tops most Best Sonic Game lists. It’s absurd.

    Don’t @ me.

    • But I do agree. I think nostalgia and hipster factor play huge role in people judgment. Yes, Sonic CD has some advantages like great for its time music and cut-scenes, or fan-favorite characters but overall it isn’t that good. One of the reasons why people overrate it is because most people didn’t play it, and as such there is less rational criticism about it.

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