Sonic the Hedgehog Movie (1999) – Nostalgia Critic

Japan’s OVA has great animation, but the story is as, well, a speedy blue hedgehog. See where this blue blur of a mess went wrong. The Nostalgia Critic reviews the 1999 Sonic the Hedgehog movie.

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  1. Jeremy G. McLaughlin

    The Nostalgia Critic’s Top 11 Movies He Will NEVER Review, as follows:

    11. Watership Down
    10. A Goofy Movie (reviewed in September 2017)
    09. Spider-Man: The Animated Series (touched upon in Fox Kids, never given it’s own separate review)
    08. (Tie) Attack of the Killer Tomatoes/Killer Klowns from Outer Space
    07. Toys
    06. Care Bears Nutcracker (reviewed in December 2014)
    05. Cats Don’t Dance (reviewed in July 2017)
    04. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: Turtles in Time
    03. The Brave Little Toaster
    02. ANYTHING Sonic-related (reviewed just now)
    01. Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

    …I don’t think the Critic should ever have compiled this list in the first place. It just makes us request these movies more.

    …In my personal opinion, he should review The Brave Little Toaster next…AND the sequels!

    • Well, he did say there was a possibility he would do the sequels, but yeah, I was about to point this out too. In due time, I’m pretty sure he will at least do TMNT in the future. (Though while I had a feeling he would cave in and do Sonic eventually, I was hoping maybe he would tackle Underground since man does that show not hold up?)

    • ThatManWithTheHeadband12

      You missed the fact that the NC does end up reviewing The Phantom Menace, That with such a dead horse beat he decided to tackle the TOP 11 Good Things About the Star Wars Prequels. It’s the best we’re going to get, so you might as well count it

  2. 1:51 TJ TV reviews that, and Doug makes a hilarious cameo.
    9:48 Well, I was going to explain what was next, but you just knocked me unconscious, so……..
    11:40 Then you better not watch “Teen Titans Go To The Movies”……… oops, too late.

  3. Aw, I LOVED Sonic X as a pre-teen. I’ve never heard of this movie before and I’ve never played any of the Sonic games. Go figure. LOL Also, dang! Just let Amy be his love interest. No humans!

  4. Oh, shit, I finally logged in.

    Hint for the others struggling: use the “Reply” button and then reset your password.

    Nice clipless review, yay. I love retro-anime aesthetic, especially… fingers.

  5. Review cirque du Soleil world’s away

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