South Park Fractured But Whole – Angry Review

Angryjoe is join by OtherJoe on this Episode of our South Park Angry Review! How does this Sequel compare to the AMAZING Stick of Truth? Find out!

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  1. I agree With you Joe I played the Game when it first Came out because I played Stick of Truth Man that was good Game to me it felt little to much like the First Game with just some improvements nothing more even Crag and Twecket special were the same like last time even through it was Funny as hell But then Why Fix something that’s not even Broken Just add on to it that’s all witch make sense to me when I got passed it it was a Good Game I think they my do Canada and the hole Member barriers for Game 3 witch I think they should cues we never got closer on that

  2. I like the premise but that’s more because I just like superheroes. The problem is I rarely ever like South Park so this will be a skip for me.

  3. The ending was kind of bad, it felt more like the ending of an episode, one of those episodes where they learned nothing, like the Walmart episode.

    BUT; the after credits ending was allot better. I won’t spoil it, but I will say that it’s simultaneously profound and stupid. And I mean “Stupid” in a good way, like, Cartman logic.

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