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If this is what Hell’s army looks like, God’s got it pretty easy. The Nostalgia Critic reviews the Spawn movie from 1997.

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  1. MidnightScreeningsman2014


    • You beat me to it again, midnight! XD

    • MidnightScreeningsman2014

      The line from the movie the Critic used at the end in front of the channel awesome logo:ah! She’s Dead!!!!

    • MidnightScreeningsman2014

      Pretty much all I remember from the Blockbuster buster’s review on this is John Legizamo as the annoying clown and that it was based on a superhero comic but that’s pretty much it and I also didn’t realize Michael Jai White was spawn which is sad cause he really looked like he was trying his hardest but he just wasn’t givin good material to work with and man the effects look horrible!!!! I found it on as ps1 game too I think but I can’t be sure which one it was besides it being in hell. Oh well decent review and I was expecting more of a fun review but it’s fine on its own and I live the stab at terrible Christian movies like Gods not Dead,Old Fashioned,Left Behind(2014),and especially War Room but next time keep the Christian reviews up to the snob,OK,O.K.

    • I knew the Devil would be back!

      Great video as always Doug and co. I remember seeing this movie back in 97 (holy crap, it’s almost been 20 years!) and not particularly liking or hating it even though I was a casual fan of the Spawn comics.

      I just didn’t really find anything memorable about the movie other than Jon Leguizamo’s Violator. I know this movie came out the same year Batman and Robin did and that was pretty hilariously memorable, but I just can’t really think of anything else I remember from this movie.

      Come to think of it, I wonder in this movie’s universe, the main villain who had that device attached to his heart and if he dies, the apocalypse begins, has already passed away of old age or some disease and the Spawn has to deal with the apocalypse. That would have been the sequel that will never be made!

  2. 7:38 And be sure to get Gadget!

  3. I love that they’re trying out Vessel, it’s a great service.

  4. This movie is like first Mortal Kombat if CGI effect weren’t so awful it would be pretty good movie.
    And clown character is damn awsome and frightening 🙂

  5. 5th (and why is this still a thing?)

    You gotta love how “dark” and “brooding” superheroes used to be, btw I can read your thoughts: your’e picturing batman’s voice in “The Dark Knight Rises” aren’t you?

    I never saw this movie because it was “too scary”, ironic, seeing as how it is the silliest thing I’ve ever seen.

  6. When the Critic tells Kermit that The Devil is a friend of his, am I the only one who thought of Sage before Malcom’s character?

  7. NC: “W-W-What is she wearing?”
    Devil: “I thought that’s what you looked for in an assassin”
    NC: “No, that’s not what

    Doug Walker, have you EVER PLAYED BAYONETTA!?! She can have fun with her job while doing it well and successfully. She’s a witch who works for hell and even interact to a “Morpheus-like” character in a bar from Hell.

    Trish from Devil May Cry looks like that, is also an demon assassin who works for Mundus (Ruler of the Underworld) in the original Devil may Cry game.

    Freeking hell, Kuja from FF9 looks like a male stripper and he was the rejected “Angel of Death”.

    • Oh and I JUST remembered Talia al Ghoul from Batman (TAS and Arkham series) as well who dressed like that and is an assassin.

    • To be fair, they’re all supernatural beings with powers. That woman wasn’t.

    • Bayonetta is not an assassin though. And normal people can’t see her while she is fighting. So she could literally be wearing a hot dog suit an no one would ever notice.

      And she doesn’t work for hell. She just has a deal with hell. There is a difference.

      Also you could just say Talia in general. Just saying. And Catwoman has a mask and is also not an assassin.

    • Bayonetta, Trish and Kuja can afford to get hit because they possess a heightened level of defence (their health bar) and supernatural abilities. Catwoman is a thief, and wears her costume both for purposes of agility and because she’s a flirtatious character. Talia is more subtle and generally less confrontational than the militant Assassins shown here.

      The assassin in this movie is supposed to be working for the same people that Al Simmons did, yet she isn’t supplied with the same gear that he was and she doesn’t use the costume for better agility of speed in the field that said gear would usually slow her down from, like Catwoman (using your example) would, not to mention movie never really indicated why she would wear something like that (in the comics, she was a psychopath whom was sexually aroused and intrigued by violence and even then she didn’t normally wear an outfit like this). This is also supposed to be a gritty, somewhat realistic film yet contains things like the Violator in a cheerleading act and the aforementioned outfit.

      Of course, the outfit is only a problem if you are striving for some form of realism.

    • Well, he DOES have a point. I mean, play it. Also, do a review on it? :3

  8. It’s okay kids. I’ll make Black Dynamite and you’ll be old enough to see it by then.

  9. Dangit. Another reference to that “father” expression Doug didn’t understand.

    • IKR? Did anybody even find that joke in the review of the Mario Bros movie funny? Why does Doug keep on referencing it? Is he just so proud of misinterpreting something in a literal way?

  10. One who brought Al Simmons back as Spawn was Malebolgia who was the overlord on the eighth plane of Hell. I know that they don’t say that in this movie but they do say it in Spawn comic books and in that Spawn animated series from HBO.

  11. I don’t care what everybody says this movie is still cool. And you cant blame the CGI it’s only in its infancy. Plus it actually won a special effects award.

    • Agreed. The special effects are FAR from terrible in this movie. Mortal Kombat Annihilation which came out AFTER this movie had much worse effects..

      • This is what people are already saying about movies like Van Helsing and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

        It’s amazing that Star Wars: The Phantom menace came out roughly 3 years after this and the CG looked so much better, but even that’s starting to look dated.

  12. Is it just me, or should the “Dollar-Store Kermit” be a regular thing.

  13. Vessel player is absolute bullshit! No full screen on portable devices!

  14. What in the world? They animate the hair on the ugly little dog, but not the lips?

    That is some pretty amazing CGI effects for its time, amazingly bad…

  15. The monster the violator turns into is a straight rip off of the Green chaos serpent from hexen. Look it up if you don’t believe me. It’s nearly identical.

  16. And shame on you Doug, rewatch your South Park!

    The line goes: There would I go, New Jersie?

  17. 62764568424413546387th!! derpy-derp! 8P

  18. Huh, I’ve seen this movie several times and yet i’ve never noticed that air freshener before.

  19. I find it giggle worthy that Frank Welker was the voice of the devil in this film (and some other films too) and IS the Doctor Claw LOL

  20. Although it’s never explained in the movie, In the comics, The Violator in his monster form and Malebolgia (The Devil) can communicate telepathically with Spawn which is supposed to be why his mouth doesn’t move. Also when Cogliostro says to Simmons he’ll die if he loses it powers That’s actually explained better in the comics too.

    You see when a Hellspawn is ressurected on Earth, their bodies bleed a green glowing substance called “Necroplasm” which is the source of Spawn’s living costume and the only two ways a HellSpawn that’s on Earth can die is either by Decapitation or “Necroplasm” loss.

  21. I saw this movie in theaters and seeing it now., the CGI is beyond bad., the writing is horrible., the acting is wooden and generic., the only saving grace is the makeup and Spawn’s costume., the HBO animated series was far superior than this train-wreck., they got Keith-David to voiced the titled character.,,.

  22. I KNEW you’d make a joke about “The Mask”. At least the cartoonish effects there were intentional. No Gravity Falls joke? I’m sorry, but why didn’t Dipper and Pacifica hook up?! I really did love this, though. Mock TMZ for all eternity!

  23. KamenRiderHellhound

    That actually isn’t the devil…. that’s a being named Malebolgia.

    The Demon Malebolgia was one of the most powerful rulers of Hell, and reigned unchallenged in the 8th circle of Hell for 70,000 years. He struck a deal with Albert Simmons to make him the newest Hellspawn. He was only one of Hell’s many rulers forming an army in its forthcoming Armageddon war against Heaven and God.

    From the Image Comics Wikia.

  24. Ah, Tamara in tight, cleavagy leather. It’s a good day…

  25. I’ve seen the Spawn movie from start to finish a long time ago, and I had a feeling that you’d review it some day.

    • Even though 1997 gave us crappy comic book movies like Batman & Robin, Steel, and this film, you should be thankful that 1997 also gave us the awesomeness that is Men in Black. And at least Martin Sheen later starred in a GOOD comic book film as Uncle Ben in The Amazing Spider-Man.

      About Sheen’s character having scorpions in his ashtray and pictures of explosions on his wall, is Sheen trying to out-Bond-villain the Bond villains?

      I’m sure The Cinema Snob would kill to have a voice as powerful as Nicol Williamson’s.

      I agree that The Devil in this movie looks like a rejected end boss to a 90’s video game, and the climax in Hell looks just as lame.

      I can explain why Sheen’s henchwoman is dressed like a dominatrix: This movie is based on an Image Comic, and characters in the Image Universe wear crap as ridiculous as those in this movie. I’m mean you’ve seen Linkara’s reviews of the Youngblood comics, right?

      Thanks for reminding me that Michael Jai White later played the crime boss from the “Who so serious?” scene from The Dark Knight. And I agree with him when he said “Enough from the clown!”

      The shot where The Violator sticks out his tongue and eyeballs reminds me of a 3-D effect from Spy Kids 3-D and Sharkboy and Lavagirl.

      Let’s just all hope that the reboot film based on Spawn would put in more effort, much like the movie Dredd did from the Sylvester Stallone Judge Dredd movie.

  26. KamenRiderHellhound

    Also… have you READ THE COMICS… mouths of the Demons look like that.. they ARE ALWAYS shown to be perpetually impossibly wide-open like that.

  27. A cooler devil? It can’t get cooler than Malcolm in that suit!

  28. Blaze The Movie Fan

    Great nostalgia critic episode as usual.

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