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If this is what Hell’s army looks like, God’s got it pretty easy. The Nostalgia Critic reviews the Spawn movie from 1997.

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  1. I actually like this movie as a kid.

  2. The Villanous Cheerleader scene isn’t quite so scary.

    The “Boo-gah-Boo-gah-Boo-gah” part with the eyes and tongue… THAT is HORRIFYING!!! (Due to how unnatural and uncanny it is)

  3. I have that finger tentacle too!

  4. I actually liked this movie… It’s not fantastic but it’s enjoyable to leave on TV while you’re doing something else.

    And I asked the same questions of Final Fantasy II. So, you go to the center of Hell and kill the Emperor of Hell and…what? Shouldn’t he just, like, respawn right there? Plus how do you kill him to begin with as he’s dead?

    Loved the Goofy yell at the beginning. Now there’s some nostalgia.

  5. Figures I just ate dinner. I remember my dumb ass stepdad bringing this home from Blockbuster, me desperately trying to ignore it as I worked on the computer, and my brother in the background, actually making retching sounds as he watched.

  6. Never saw the movie, never read the comics…but I LOVED the toys. I didn’t know until much later than anything other than the toys existed.

  7. Just get Kermie a cup of Lipton tea so he can comment on other people’s business.

  8. This came out around the time of “Batman and Robin”.
    Ooooohhh… So THAT’S why I’ve never heard of this movie.
    Never mind the fact that B&R got so much publicity it no doubt overshadowed “Spawn” in terms of marketing, but also the fact that I was a little kid who couldn’t care less about what movies were coming out at the time, unless it was Disney.

    Man, as soon as I saw the CG for this I was wondering if this was actually an early Playstation game.
    Scratch that! One of those crappy point-and-click FMV games Spoony used to review, like Phantasmagoria 2 or Ripper.

    Speaking of stuff Chris Walken was in, is this a “Dead Zone” remake or something? What is it with Martin Sheen playing megalomaniacs who want to blow up the world?

    The Violator is more like if they combined the Clown from “Nightmare Before Christmas” with any given creature from that awful movie “Nothing But Trouble”. (Seriously, that movie is a wide-awake nightmare. The stuff that people call “Nightmare Fuel” is tame by comparison.)

  9. 🙂 Come on, Doug! You’re the NOSTALGIA Critic and you fucked up Skeletor’s residence?

    He lives inside a giant SNAKE.

    Tzk… he WISH he could live in a giant skull, dammit, that’s just what he try to do all the time: take Grayskull’s castle.


  10. Doug, don’t take this the wrong way, but your online video streaming sucks shit. I swear, I left this video to load for thirty minutes, and it STILL wouldn’t load properly. I had to scroll a little bit back just to get it to play 20 seconds.

    Also, didn’t like how you dumbed down the Devil for this episode.

    • Yes, Vessel does suck, but I think he has to use it since Youtube has a loose trigger finger on its “copyright strike” button. He still puts his vids on Youtube because, let’s face it, Youtube is one of the most stable video servers on the planet, which is one reason for their near-monopoly.

  11. I hope you review Yin Yang Yo! next! (:

  12. I completely forgotten about this terribly awesome movie, and now I see why. I didn’t even remember the Devil was in this, and now I know why too because he looks like the ugliest dog if he was 100 ft tall.

  13. so we’re starting the review, the opening of the movie, doug is yelling about everything cutting too fast, he says stop, my computer freezes. damn it critic stop using your powers the wrong way

  14. That’s Nichol Williamson as ThatAwesomeDudeInTheTrenchcoat, and his casting was deliberate since he also played as Merlin in “Exalibur.” His character in “Spawn” is actually Merlin who apparently works for God now long after he served King Authur.

  15. Okay that was creepy. Not the movie but I was thinking ‘I’m surprised that Nostalgia Critic never did Spawn. He should do that at some point.’ And today he’s doing it. If this happens again I all officially known Doug has mind reading tech.

  16. ilovethings andstuff

    i loved this film.. and it’s still pretty good. not perfect. but god.. and i loved john Leguizamo as the clown demon… he’s was really funny.

  17. I remember being impressed with the cgi effects at the time…they have not aged well.

    John leguizamo is genuinely creepy as the violator.

    The bit mentioning the obviously evil villain has scorpions in his ashtray got a good laugh from me.

  18. Man, I saw this movie in theaters and it was so bad I apparently blocked the whole thing out. Because I don’t remember any of it. Damn that was awful. They are rebooting it and supposedly going for an R rating so I guess we shall see.

  19. So glad this came out today . Happy Birthday to me

  20. A Geek On The Internet

    I gotta admit despite how crappy a lot of the stuff in this movie is it’s still a guilty pleasure of mine.

  21. ThatGuyWithTheOrangeBeard

    When I was 12, the effects looked amazing. I still love this movie though, for different reasons than when I was 12.

  22. I saw this in the theater 90% for the less than a minute tease appearance of the “green power ranger” (it was leaked in Wizard, though those were always the most formulaic of leaks) I was happy to see her but disappointed it was only a blip in the movie. If they ever do remake it – you’ll NEVER see her!

    That Spawn character is owned by the mouse, it was a whole court case between McFarline and Gaiman

  23. You know, if hes looking for a good Devil to get ideas off, Viggo Mortensen in The Prophecy could give him some pointers…..

  24. Yea this movie isint that great but I will say John Legizamo as the clown was good and the spawn portrayal was really good.

  25. After pointing out how much the movie deviated from the comics, I’d expected Doug to actually know a thing or two about them. He doesn’t seem to know Malebolgia’s name, and it’s even said in the movie.

  26. I never understood pacts with the devil. If you KNOW that hell and heaven exist why would you sell your soul for some 60 odd years at most of advantage on earth and spend the rest of eternity in suffering? Seem like a realy bad trade to me.

  27. I like the show and I’ve watched all the episodes, but now I can’t watch the newest one. I’ve tried different websites to watch it, but nothing works. Okay, I get you have problems with youtube, but isn’t the whole idea that anyone can watch your show. Now that you’ve changed the site you show your show on your leaving people out.

    Just pissed off you have to switch around which makes watching your videos difficult sometimes, also just for wanting to support what your doing I’d like to watch your shows on but I haven’t been able to that in a long time, because the videos haven’t worked.

    Just hope you do something about it…..don’t want to stop watching the videos just because the site you use don’t work.

  28. You ever wonder why Spawn is like Ghost Rider if he had the Venom symbiote? Todd Mcfarlane, the creator of Spawn, is also one of the guys who created Venom.

  29. At least I can actually watch ‘Spawn’. It was a struggle just to make it to the first commercial break of ‘Batman and Robin’ when I tried to watch it on TV. Once the commercials hit I refused to watch that PoS for one second longer. That movie is so lame if you look up the word “lame” in the dictionary all it says is “watch ‘Batman and Robin’. At least ‘Spawn’ is entertaining in both good and bad ways. BaR has no entertainment value whatsoever.

  30. ThatGillsWithTheGlasses

    Anyone else noticed that the 90’s was the era where almost every movie and TV show loved to overexploit the CGI technology to adapt cartoony special effects on live actions? Examples included Big Bad Beetleborgs, the Inspector Gadget movies, Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation, toys and junk food commercials etc, with the only few that managed to not end up sucking was The Mask.

    • Having lived through the 90’s I can honestly say “yes”. I could be wrong about this but I think ‘Terminator 2’ and ‘The Abyss’ may have had something to do with it. Once people saw what CGI could do everyone was clamoring to use it, totally missing the point that it worked so well in those two movies because of direction, attention to detail and the focus to make it look as good as possible (and believable). An additional lesson was not to rely on it too much because practical effects tended to look better even if they did cost more or take more time to set up.
      Yes. It was definitely overexploited in the 90’s, to a point where many just didn’t care anymore simply because it was used so often and “average quality” CGI became the norm. The Hell scenes in ‘Spawn’ are a shining example of this.

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