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If this is what Hell’s army looks like, God’s got it pretty easy. The Nostalgia Critic reviews the Spawn movie from 1997.

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  1. Will you do (1988)?
    Come on, we all know that you love 80’s!

  2. This is a good movie but it is no where near as good as the cartoon series now that was awesome
    He was risen from the dead

  3. Benny, the greatest new character of the NC series. We haven’t seen him and he’s already awesome.

  4. Is the site not working for anyone else becuase this goddamn ridicoulous! None of his damn videos here will play!

    • I had to go to the Vessel site to watch the ‘Spawn’ review. Even there it didn’t want to play the first time. Either I’ve got my browser settings so tweaked that very little will play properly or this website has some serious issues. I have so much trouble trying to get anything to play properly here that I know this site has problems. Most of the problems can be attributed to the ads. Regardless of the player involved the ads corrupt video playback to the point where I have to kill the browser and restart the video, sometimes five or six times just to finish it.
      I’d pay real money if I could watch videos on this site without those gawddamn ads screwing things up.

  5. Skeletor doesn’t live in a giant skull… he lives in a giant snake. Same concept though. 😛

  6. OH FFS! Not the Mario brother/father shit again! I’m not offended by the joke it’s just beyond stupid. “Mario raised me LIKE a father!” You even played the clip with that line in the damn review! Older bothers raising younger ones is not a weird foreign concept. Drop it already!

  7. I can’t watch that “devil” without shouting “I’ll get you next time, Gadgeeeeeeettttt!”

  8. Still can’t watch this… use Vimeo, Dailymotion, youtube, anything but this.

  9. … WHAT?! How have I never heard of this movie? Also…Wow. Those effects… Oh, and you really hate TMZ, huh? LOL.

  10. In the comics, there was a clear distinction between using his powers, borrowing power from the suit and the suit doing stuff by itself. In the movie, the suit does all the work. You’re not wrong comparing his costume to Venom considdering Todd McFarlane created both, Spawn’s costume is a satanic yet less evil version of Venom with more stuff hanging off it.

    When Spawn runs out of magic energy he goes back to hell. Clown/Violator’s job is to get Spawn to use his powers. Nick is an older spawn who’s nearly out but still has a few drops left, which makes it all the weirder that he both uses his power wildly nilly and actually encourages spawn to do the same. Also, Spawn returned to Earth with amnesia and only got clues to what happened in his nightmares. In the movie, if you’re gonna have Clown speed up the whole thing, why give him amnesia in the first place?

    And if they didn’t make that clear enough in the movie… Yeah, add that to the list of problems with the movie, Satan.

  11. NC, I have one request: Old vs. New Spawn. The movie, compared with Todd McFarlane’s Spawn series by HBO. 🙂 If you want to see what that movie SHOULD have been, look there.

  12. Of the Spawn film: The Hell in ‘Dark Angel: The Ascent’ was way better, the ones in ‘Hellraiser’ franchise & ‘Constantine’, as well; heck, even LOONEY TOONS did it better!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Best NC in a good while!

    Good to see the big guy on top form again 🙂

  14. It seems a shame as it looks like there’s some good bits in there, it just came together badly. I mean the acting for one is pretty good for the most part (excluding ‘she’s dead’ guy) they just don’t have anything good to do or say.

  15. Technically, Skeletor lives in a giant snake. The Sorceress lives in a giant skull. Skeletor just WANTS to live in the giant skull.

  16. thatchickwithlonghair

    Haha those graphics were so bad on such an amazing level. I can’t even…..just wow.

  17. That devil sounds like he wants you to give him 120 Precursor Orbs for each of the Power Cells he contains.

  18. I Must admit Spawn was a guilty pleasure for me, to the point that after the first view I would see it every time it was on TV, however after you pointed out out it’s flaws I feel the magic starting to fade :), I don’t know…maybe in this era of revamps maybe Spawn deserves a revamp the tech has gotten way better and if mere TV series such as Arrow and Flash can afford decent CGI and effects maybe Spawn deserves some loving too

  19. Oh god, its the Muppet Apocalypse! We doomed! DOOMED I SAY! XD

  20. Oh Malcolm. You’ll always be a cool devil to me. <3

  21. I’ve been getting into Spawn in the past few years and have been a bit curious about the movie but never got around to seeing it. Despite how bad it looks, you’re right; there are a lot of cool things in it as well. I might actually watch the movie some time.

  22. Dude, I eat my dinner while watching murder documentaries where every meat chunk is described in minute detail, but that Hell and Devil were so badly designed I couldn’t touch my scrambled eggs until the entire video was over. Not to mention the bacon-faced main character who prevented me from eating my own bacon…

  23. You should review the Bayonetta movie.

  24. Only the Critic will go out and help the devil if he plans to take over the world with his army of hellspawns. He’s so taken up with his review of a bad flick that he forgets that he should not be doing that.
    Good thing this devil isn’t the smartest guy around^^

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