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Perhaps living alien slime should have better security than a glass bubble with one lock on it.

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  1. Actually, the age of Black Cat was never specified in the series. I always assumed her to be about the same age as the protagonist, since she was drawn in a similar way.

    Of course that means she became a master thief and skilled martial artist while still in her teens, but considering her background (revealed in the S2 finale), that isn’t that far off.

  2. That “Evil that Men Do” is (was now?) on the top of my list actually if I ever did the patron thing. Mainly because that was the comic that got me to stop reading comics for a long time. I didn’t really start reading comics until high school, where I picked through whatever my school had. Which included the Ultimate series, One More Day, and Marvell primarily.

    Then I found some other comics at the local library. Included Civil War, All Star Batman and Robin… and then I found “Evil that Men Do”. And that was the one that turned me off of comics for years. Couldn’t stomach it. But I’ve always been curious about if it was actually as horrible as I remembered or if I was just too young to deal with it.

    • The subject matter is pretty heavy stuff and I can see why it wouldn’t be for everyone. I appreciated it anyway, because the characters and their reactions to the events in the story were written very well.

  3. The 90s Spider-Man series really hasn’t aged all that well. They recycled animation even in the first couple of seasons, the plots were overly melodramatic, the dialogue could get ridiculously corny, and the “Never Say ‘Die'” trope was in full effect.

    • I agree about the animation (as does Linkara it seems), but as to those other objections.. well they would seem to describe more than half of all superhero comics I could name and their animated adaptations. So unless that’s not your thing: why should any of this necessarily be a problem?

    • It might not have had the worst animation, but it did have some of the worst slow motion effects. They just slowed down the animation as is so everything looked really choppy. The more calm and relaxing a scene was supposed to be, the more rigid and jittery it got.

  4. Black Cat should have been hotter. Well, let’s hope she’s of age. I love something so new in a review from you. I never watched this show. I did watch the 90s show though and loved it. I guess most great modern cartoons are original ideas.

  5. I was a huge fan of the 90’s animated series, but I haven’t watched much of The Spectacular Spider-Man when it was on, but it’s nice to see a review on one of the episodes. I agree though that the theme song is really catchy.

    2:21- Yeah, that’s a bitch. And when the hell is Fox gonna give the film rights of Fantastic Four back to Marvel?

    Looking forward to your review of Secret Wars.

    6:12- WHY DID YOU SAY THAT NAME!? (Still love Batman v Superman, BTW)

    9:23- Ha. I was also thinking of “Alternative Facts,” aka “complete bullshit.”

    11:21- Black Cat, you’re trying to seduce me. Aren’t you?

    15:29- That’s actually how every episode ends. Similar to how every episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers end on a freeze frame.

    Anyway, I thought this was a good episode of the show. In the mean time, have fun going back to Youngblood, the least likely superhero team to have a movie based on them.

  6. Sorry to hoot my own horn in regards to the 90s’ Spider-Man vs Spectacular Spider-Man; and no offense to Christopher Daniel Barnes but…

    Josh Keaton is the best Spider-Man!

    Though in all seriousness, I can understand why Linkara favor the original series more, even though the majority nowadays thinks otherwise, and that’s fine, whatever floats our boats after all.

  7. At least in the 90s Cartoon Series they made them both college age attending the same college together, to kinda, you know….not bring up the whole weird age discrepancy.

  8. Actually, the fur on the Cat’s outfit does help to muffle sound. But the color doesn’t help with blending into shadows very well. She should consider that next costume upgrade.

    You remember those dangly leather straps on the sleaves of Davey Crocket’s and Daniel Boone’s outfits? Same principle.

  9. According to this interview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UKaDuzPU0R0 Black Cat is 19 years, and and Peter is 16 so… yeah, kinda creepy.

    • So Felecia’s 19, and Pete’s 16… I’m slightly uncomfortable knowing this now.

      • eh…. he’s not 13 or anything… thats legal age in Norway so not that creepy for me. Though barely legal 😛
        3 years isn’t as bad as it could have been XP

        • Never the less Peter’s still a teenager while Felicia’s a legal adult.

          • And since age of consent in New York State is 17, Peter will be legal on his next birthday so what’s your problem?

          • Because generally speaking an adult is going to be in a position of a power over a teenager either through their position, their economic status, or just through having had more life experience enabling them to manipulate the younger person. It’s unhealthy and dangerous

          • Snorgatch Pandalume

            While I understand the necessity of setting the bar someplace for legal purposes, the reality is people mature emotionally at different speeds, and some people can handle some things at earlier ages than others. Peter has been forced to mature quickly due to the oft-mentioned “great responsibility” of being Spider-Man, so he’d probably be able to handle romantic involvement, especially considering that Felicia is acting more playfully flirty than serious.

          • They also made sure they don’t end up together anytime soon (Felicia was pretty pissed at Peter in the S2 finale), so the point is moot.

            I find the age discrepancy between Selina and Bruce in “Gotham” far creepier.

      • Two words: PHANTOM MENACE.

      • The thing we need to keep in mind, people, is that both of them are still teenagers. And yes, conventions of our society say that usually a teenage couple are supposed to be about the same age. But in the grand scheme, 3 years isn’t that much of an age difference. Certainly isn’t much of one if you’re talking 29 and 26.

        Second, it’s not as though our attraction instincts can detect when that magical legal age limit is reached. Now, I don’t believe this makes statutory rape legislation arbitrary; there is something to be said about preventing older people from taking advantage of the young. But it’s not as though Felicia would immediately stop being attracted to Peter as soon as she turned 18, or that she would suddenly find him attractive again once he turned 18.

        Third, you have to remember, these characters only seem to encounter each other while in costume. Felicia can’t even see Peter’s face, so there’s no way she can gauge whether he’s 16 or 36.

        The point is, in the show, it’s just shown that they are attracted to each other. It’s not like they actually do anything illegal (unless there’s a cut scene I never saw). To be attracted to someone who is fairly close to your own age is natural; sure, it might be illegal to act on it (temporarily, anyway), but it’s not inherently immoral to simply feel that way.

        Now, if he was 12 and she was 19, that might be a different story (*cough*PREQUEL TRILOGY!*cough*).

        • I’m pretty sure Padme is 14 in episode 1, that makes them both 24 and 19 respectively in episode 2. It’s only a 5 years age difference, they’re both legal by US standers, and they’re aliens from a completely different galaxy where age conventions would no doubt be different.

    • Well, flirting and kissing doesn’t automatically imply sex. Especially not in a kids show.

  10. Alright, Spectacular Spider-man! I really like this show, and I’m still VERY bitter it got canned because of stupid business… meddling.

    Admittedly I do actually like Ultimate Spider-man (there are some character bits and genuinely funny moments)… but it’s nowhere near as good as Spectacular Spider-man. Or the 90’s Spider-man for that matter. For all it’s flaws, that was still a good show. Even if it sadly ended up getting cut short…

    …There’s a reason I have a deep-seated disdain for entertainment executives.

  11. so if we want linkara to watch young justice and the rest of spectacular spider-man, we just need to pay him episode by episode? Alright, I’m game, wallets out everyone

  12. I know I’m not a patron, but considering it’s the 20th anniversary of my favorite TV show (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), this year, could you do one of the comics from Buffy Season 8?

  13. Snorgatch Pandalume

    The Green Goblin in this TV series actually looks cute rather than scary.

  14. Yeah, I grew up with the 90’s series and then in high school and up to recently the Drake Bell version that just ended. I don’t know what to think of the animation. It’s almost super cute. Also, in Black Cat’s defense, maybe she doesn’t know that Spiderman isn’t well… a man.

  15. I was just thinking of “alternative facts” when J.J. said the Bugle only prints facts. Nice use of a joke opportunity!

  16. The Spectacular Spider-Man had great episodes, that one with the beginning of the back suit was one of them. My favourite episode was “Intervention” the whole dream sequence analysing the past of Spidey and the true intentions of the symbiont.

    And the voice of the symbiont sound very chilling and intimidating, I wish the show continue a little longer and I hope the new show takes a similar approach to the black suit as that show did.

  17. Actually, there was a full DVD set for the 90s Spider-Man series – in Germany. Nowadays it is almost impossible to find though, with prices around 200 € on ebay or amazon. 🙁

  18. 14:21 Yeah, that’s pretty much my reaction to decaf too.

  19. Am I the only one who thinks they made Peter too… cute?

  20. No mention of Gargoyles! Nerd rage!

    Seriously though, nice episode, I enjoyed it. Thanks for weekly making Monday (or…Tuesday in this case) better!

  21. You know when Dr. Martha Connors said no reporters? There is a reason for that. Early in the series, Peter was actually a science intern for the Connors, along with Eddie Brock and Gwen Stacy. When Doc Connors became the Lizard, Peter ran off, saying he was scared but actually came back as Spidey to help. He eventually helped give Connors the antidote and saved the day, but at the same time he was taking pictures and sold them to the Bugle to help out at home for his Aunt May.

    The Connors found out about the pictures and canned him from the program, because it made him look like a selfish prick who sold them out to make some cash. So, when Eddie says she didn’t want reporters, she specifically meant Peter since by Persona he was now a full fledged freelance Spidey photographer and still hadn’t forgiven him for making money off of their plight.

    That’s what I love about the series: Peter just can’t catch a break. He tries to help as Spidey and he gets framed/libeled. He tries to help as Peter and his Spidey persona somehow makes things worse. Poor guy sometimes get hit on all sides and the best part is watching how he manages it all. You need to watch the entire series, Linkara.

  22. I need to get started on my Spidey costume pronto

  23. The Venom symbiote in the title card looks like it has the Bat symbol on! 🙂

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