Spectacular Spider-man – Honest Review

In honor of Spider-man epic return home to The MCU, ERod talks about the greatest Spider-man Series ever made.

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  1. Good review, although I did notice some errors.

    For example, Eddie Brock being younger and having a family connection to Peter was taken from the Ultimate Spider-Man comics, in fact both his Ultimate comic and animated counterpart have the exact same origin.

    Also character development which included Flash Thompson was already seen in the 90’s animated series, as Flash went from a bully to Peter’s friend.

    In fact a lot of the stories and characters in Spectacular are taken from the comics or previous animated shows. The only original things I can think of is Gwen Stacy’s characterization, and Tombstone being a Kingpin expy.

  2. TragicGuineaPig

    Steve Blum, Crispin Freeman, John DiMaggio – I think someone made a comment a while back about there not being any celebrity voice actors?

    Part of the problem with the whole “high school superhero” thing is that, over the past 50 years, Peter has grown up, graduated from high school and college, got a job, and got married. We watched him grow up. So for fans of the comics, Peter had already grown up. But what would have been awesome is to see that play out over time in the show. As long as he doesn’t MAKE A STINKING DEAL WITH THE FREAKING DEVIL!

  3. Now this is the Spider-Man show that I never watched. I went from the 90’s show to Ultimate Spider-Man (I admit the first season is kinda sucky but I liked the more it went on).

  4. Everybody loves the Spectacular Spider-Man!

    • You’re only going to attract people who hate this show by saying that.

      • It’s a comment section. To be expected.

        • Must it? Shouldn’t a person enjoy their cartoon openly without some person immediately replying to it with “Well I didn’t like it, so there.”

          • You’re the one who started this.

          • Don’t see what that’s got to do with anything, but okay.
            If you want haters breathing down your neck, that’s nothing to do with me.

          • Sounded like you were the one starting something. Granted I was loading into a game of League at the time. You’re the only one replying and that’s nothing. Plus if they do then I can always ignore them. I’m not some loser SJW that needs to read all their hate mail.

          • I wish I had the power to ignore haters. Could’ve kept my love for fandoms going. Sadly my fun with fandoms died years ago.

          • Only time I find that happening was the fucking pieces of shit that watch Steven Universe. I didn’t like the show hated Steven. Those fucking cunts bullied one artist into attempting suicide because she drew Steven’s mom thinner. They need to kill themselves with that kind of shit.

          • All shows has a couples bad fandoms we should not stop watch something or play video-game because some people did some shit thing it has nothing to do went the show.

  5. I caught this on tv a few times, but it’s a little past my time. I grew up watching the 90s Amazing Spiderman cartoon, and of course the goofy 60s version, which reruns aired for all the fucking time when I was a kid.

  6. 5:10 you missed 1 small detail– Black Cat is older than Peter, and so that’s a felony. Pretty sure she pukes after that realization in one of the comics! Other than that, you got everything lol

  7. I liked Ultimate Spider-Man…

  8. I loved this show, but I’ll never forgive the people responsible for cutting the show short and leaving loose ends. This is why I hate executive meddling and bureaucracy.

    …Yes, I’m still bitter.

    And while I feel that Ultimate Spider-Man is okay… it just doesn’t live up to it’s predecessor.

    I’m willing to give the newest Spider-Man a shot though.

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