Spider Catcher – Infomercialism

Spider catcher, spider catcher, does whatever a spider… atcha?

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  1. Ew. I could barely look at the screen. O.O D:

  2. I’ve had a spider catcher for years. It’s called a vacuum cleaner

  3. You’d incur the wrath of the internet if you killed one, despite many things.

    I like spiders, esp. hunting spiders, for they work for their prey and (by that virtue) kill things I don’t like; I let them live, always, although I will remove webs for cleanliness sake.
    I also allow house centipedes to go by without harm. 🙂

    Everything else is killed on sight, esp. moths.

    • Same. I like and respect spiders, and they get rid of the real pests for me. 🙂 If they are too close to my daily living/resting space where we might conflict, I will catch them and remove them alive from the house. So this is a pretty cool item that actually works!

      • Same here! If it’s a small spider, I usually squash it, but the bigger guys, I will relocate to outdoors. Sometimes I’m able to, sometimes they’re moving too quickly that I have no choice but to kill them.

  4. I’ve got one of these. It doesn’t really work too well for me, so I just catch them with other things like cups or even my own hands. I love spiders!

    If they’re in the house, there’s two possible explanations: winter is coming and/or you’ve got an insect problem going on inside the house. Spiders go where the food is. Once you remove the food source or get it under control, the spiders will disappear naturally. They do like our warm houses to shelter in for winter though, so you may see them on occasion, but otherwise, they will stay out of your way.

  5. Spiders are great! My brood last year was excellent, but this year was a bad one for them. Had issues with spider wasps assaulting my hunters and orb weavers, and overall, they just seemed listless. The generic house spiders did well thankfully, and have made lots of cute babies for next year.

    I’m probably going to need to hunt for more orb weavers next year and try to get some breeding pairs to make up for this past year’s small population.

  6. The Movie Explorer

    Killed a black widow at work this week using a dustpan. I’m generally “live and let live” regarding spiders, but not black widows, especially not in trash receptacles I have to stick my hands in every day.

  7. Forget the Spider Catcher. Just think of the fun you could have with the practice spider for pranks…

  8. In marry olde England, were there are few spiders that can actually harm humans, the Spider Catcher is next to useless, save for a grabber.

    In the outback of Australia, were spiders can grow big enough to ensnare and eat a goat, the Spider Catcher is entirely useless. With giant mutant-spiders like there’s there would not be enough nukes and napalm on earth to wipe them out of existence! (In fact, it might make things worse!)

  9. Doug would have found this very useful a few years ago.

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