Spider-Man 1981 – Unrepentant Geeking

Shaun reviews the forgotten Spider-Man cartoon.

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  1. 😀 Oh, I wish I could see this. I love cheese. I wasn’t born yet when this came out sadly. However, I remember watching some Spider Man cartoon but not this one. Also, I actually did google Gorgon.

  2. This aired in the same time as ‘Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends’. This aired in syndication so I never knew it existed until 2011 when I found it on Netflix by accident. Sadly, Netflix lost it so you’ve got to see it elsewhere.
    It was made for children and young teens and it shows. Still, it’s not bad if you don’t mind watching early 80’s animation. In some ways I actually like it better than ‘SM & HAF’

  3. >forgotten

    u wot

    The internet LOVES this cartoon. Its memetic as hell.

    • Nope.

      If you watch the video he mentions the series with the “Spider Man, Spider Man, Does whatever a Spider Can” theme song from the 1967 Spider Man cartoon.

      Look up 1967 Spider-Man…that’s the meme-tastic Spiderman Series.

  4. Too bad Vimeo encodes all their videos with MP3 audio, which I cannot get to work on Linux.

  5. I briefly remember this cartoon since I was about 3 when it came out and saw reruns when I was about 4-5. I honestly didn’t get into Spider-Man until the 1994 cartoon.

    I remember binge watching the 1967 cartoon on Netflix a while back. Good times. XD

    • I watched that too for a while. It was pretty bad but it had its moments. My favorite was when Peter couldn’t be found when big news was happening. J.J.J. was pissed, again, and the conversation goes something like this:

      “Ms. Brant, I want you to fire Parker.”
      “But Mr. Jameson, Peter doesn’t work for the Bugle. He’s freelance.”
      “Well, put him on the payroll and then fire ’em.”

      It was the writing and wonderful acting by Paul Kligman that made Jameson the best character on that show. If you’ve ever seen ‘Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer’ (1964) you will immediately recognize his voice. You might not recognize the voice of Peter Parker, Paul Soles, providing the voice of Hermey however.

  6. This series sounds like pure Bronze Age: occasionally (okay, often) ridiculous plots, genuine human emotion.

  7. Fine grade nostalgia? My ass. This is one of those things you look back on, watch out of nostalgia, and turn it off after 10 minutes, wondering if you were a retarded child for watching this stuff.

  8. Philippe GEORGES

    I remember this cartoon well. It aired regularly in Europe in the 80s. I didn’t like it all that much, but I still watched it.

    But I’d like to address your problem with different region coded DVDs. There are quite a few ways to deal with that problem.

    1) DVD players. I don’t know about how it works in the States, but at least in my country (Luxembourg) the region code problem is easy to circumvent. Officially we have code 2, but usually when you buy a dvd player in a shop the sales man gives you a code change the region code to free after purchase. You simply type the code into the remote control and that will unlock the player. From my experience I know it works on LG and Philips players. I don’t see why American players shouldn’t have a similar feature. Just check your mode online and google for a code. It might work.

    I haven’t used a dvd player in years, but I’ve connected my computer to my TV and use my dvd-rom for watching DVDs. With your computer you have several possibilities to solve the region code problem.

    There’s specific software (like anydvd) to completely switch off region codes, but it also allows you to rip and copy DVDs and bluray discs among other functions, but since those programs cost a lot of money there’s also a free solution and which I prefer.

    Simply get the free VLC media player. You insert a foreign dvd and open it with VLC and you can watch it easily, whatever the region code is.

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