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Chris Stuckmann reviews Spider-Man.

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  1. Great review, Chris. I absolutely love the first 2 Raimi Spider-Man movies. I remember seeing this on the first day it was out in 2002 and was amazed how close to the comic it felt, even with it’s differences.

    The 2nd did an even better job of exploring how human Peter is, even with his superpowers and the things he has to do while being in conflict with his personal life and being Spider-Man. I can’t wait to see your review on the 2nd.

    Give the 3rd a good bashing for me when you get around to it.

  2. Why don’t people like movies connecting to a bigger universe now? I remember watching the 90’s Spiderman as a kid so I was excited to see it on the big scene. I was still in elementary school when this came out. Wow! I can’t believe that it was that long ago. O.O I still sing that Chad Kroger Hero song though. ;P

  3. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I totally remember seeing this film on demand TV back in the day and absolutely loving it and I’m glad that you liked it and glad it holds up so well. I remember seeing spider man 3 though and trying to hate it and while it is a bad film at least it’s better than the amazing spider man 2 and I will say that much.

  4. Cool. The Raimi films are my favorite versions so far, despite SM 3 sucking so hard.

    Hey Chris, when you’re through with the latest films how about giving us a bonus and reviewing the tv movie ‘Spider-Man Strikes Back’ that came from that 70’s tv show? That thing is baaaaaaaaad.

  5. I don’t like Sam Raimi’s Spiderman films, the 70’s series and associated films nor Amazing Spiderman 2, only Amazing Spiderman,

    And Supidaman which is Japanese and EPIC !!!!

  6. Generally agree with your thoughts.

    My least favorite part of the first two Spiderman movies is Mary Jane. She’s never really more than a love interest and damsel in distress. But maybe she’s not much more than that in the comics either?

  7. Good review.

    Across the internet, these movies have sort of come full circle. At first everyone loved S1+S2, then S3 came out and everyone hated that one, then some of the hate for S3 seeped into S1+S2, then Amazing Spiderman came out and that was judged the superior film to the Raimi troligy, then Amazing Spiderman 2 came out and everyone hated it, and then some of that hate transformed into indifference for AS-1.

    So now we’re back to loving Spiderman 1 and 2, still hating Spiderman 3, feeling generally positive about Amazing Spiderman, and hating Amazing Spiderman 2.


    So I really enjoyed this film, and I think Spiderman 2 just slightly edges it out as the best Spiderman film to date. This movie captured a little piece of that silver age charm, like Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman captured some of that golden age style.

    Also I totally agree about the casting.

  8. One of the things I liked about the Raimi films is that the super powered action looked initially plausible. Like the burning building scene: Spidey shoots a bungee web to lift him up and then uses the hang time to shoot a swing web to swing through the window. He also had the balls to run with a goofy moment. The scene with Spidey and Hal Sparks sharing an uncomfortable elevator ride is hilarious.

  9. I still like the Green Goblin costume, sure the helmet could have been made scarier, but the suit itself works fine and I’ll take the helmet over the AWFUL look they gave the Goblin in Amazing Spiderman 2. With the Green Goblin bringing his look to life, his face at least, is tricky to pull off…Full goblin makeup would probably work best given how he’s depicted in the comics, but in the comics he usually wears a mask that quite frankly looks like a real face, so while using makeup would capture the look it may be hard to convince people that the face is actually a mask you can just pull off whenever you want…Though we have seen such things in films before, like spy films when an agent reveals their face was actually a mask the whole time etc. Alternatively, they could go the Jekyll & Hyde route and just have him be able to mutate back and forth between human & goblin forms as some versions of the character has done. Regardless, I still think the first onscreen Goblin is the best one thus far.

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