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This storyline has a character named “Joystick” in it, yet that has nothing to do with the virtual reality at the center of the plot.

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  1. Post Dark Nella sounds like a social justice retard.

    • Spoken like a true useless jackass.

      • And you think social justice retards are a force for good? Hypocrites the lot of them.

        • I think your comments mark you as an ignorant jackass who, judging by your use of the word retard, hasn’t matured much beyond age ten. I imagine you’ll be accusing Nella of having cooties next.

          • Retard is the only word offensive enough to portray how abhorrent social justice retards are.

          • The only thing abhorrent around here is you. It would almost be sad, but you’re such an unbelievable example of walking fertilizer it’s really hard for me to care.

          • So let me get this straight: Being offensive is the only means of expressing disapproval?

        • Oh, God forbid someone not be on either extreme!

          • I’d also like to point out that not all liberals are Social Justice Warriors, just as not all conservatives support the Tea Party movement. Those terms are (or should be) strictly for the lunatic extremists of said beliefs. You can be pro-diversity and not be an SJW. What annoys me is when someone gets labeled an SJW just for stating a fact or making an observation. Just because someone notices a detail and points it out, that doesn’t automatically make that person a banana balls advocate of some extremist movement. if you’re going to call someone an SJW, at least know what one actually is.

        • They make the SIWs unhappy, through no fault of their own. So, yeah, they do kinda do good.

          Hopefully your unhappiness will lead you to become a better person.

    • The term “SJW” gets tossed around so liberally now that it’s lost what little credibility it ever had to begin with. Anytime someone on the internet sees someone that they dislike, they immediately label that person a “SJW” or a feminist or “feminazi” usually without having an understanding of what those words even mean. Like I said before, labeling someone an SJW is akin to calling them a dummy head or a farty pants. It’s just pointless name calling for when one has nothing worthwhile to contribute to a discussion.

      • The Real Silverstar

        The term SJW isn’t even worth getting upset over anymore, because it no longer has any meaning. It USED to be a term that butt-hurt extreme righties would hurl at try-too-hard extreme lefties for the purpose of either a) informing the extreme lefties that they don’t need to be up on a soapbox about everything or b) being a way for the extreme righties to low-key their being racist, sexist, homophobic, bigoted, etc., but it’s since become nothing more than the internet’s Boogie Man, the go-to term to label anyone or anyone that displeases someone online.

        Whenever somebody sees something or someone they don’t like, they throw a tantrum and label that person or thing SJW or PC, regardless or what it is or what he/she/it/they do. The term is now meaningless because people toss it around like dollar bills at a strip club. SJW is now like the word ‘smurf’ is to those little blue guys: it can mean whatever you want it to mean.

    • So what you’re saying is you didn’t know anything about Pre-Dark Nella, because if you’re actually seriously judging her for caring about feminism and racism and other social justice issues, Nella’s always been awesome about that.

  2. I know I’ve complained about the possible return of the Entity in the storyline, but if this leads to Linkara and Nella teaming up to defeat the villain with showtunes or some such I’d be deliriously happy.

  3. Great acting on Nella’s part in the beginning!

  4. Female Doc Ock is Kylo Ren?

  5. Typically, the beginning of Seward’s name would be pronounced like “new”

  6. Considering it’s known that Peter had no living relatives other than Uncle Ben and Aunt May after his parents died, Ben couldn’t claim to be a cousin.

  7. I think the thing I hate most about this Clone Saga sequel is Jackal reinventing himself as an Anubis cosplayer/themed villain in a suit just to fit the “Dead No More” fake title they gave us.

  8. Anyone else feel that TRON did more harm than good with people’s perception of Virtual Reality?

  9. So is this really connected to a Nostalgia Chick storyline? Also, congrats, on the eighth year anniversary! I remember when I started watching this back in high school. Wow. O.O One last thing: I cracked up at that Steven Universe clip.

  10. I like Nella’s “Galaxy Quest” t-shirt. …Oh, BTW, Happy 8th Anniversary!

    Yeah, I was also really shocked this year when I found out that virtual reality gaming was coming back bigger and far better than the Virtual Boy. And I am looking forward to seeing the new Power Rangers movie this upcoming March. Also, they’ve adapted The Clone Saga into recent episodes of Ultimate Spider-Man on Disney XD.

    11:42- Pff. …Speaking of which, is anyome else hyped to see the Nostalgia Critic’s latest episodes on commercials?

    I also thought that the Spider-Slayers were awesome, based on their appearance in the earliest episodes of Spider-Man: The Animated Series (or as you call it in the ending credits, “The Animasted Series.”)

    20:05- Why the hell didn’t Marvel make Spider-Man vs. the Ultimate Warrior. That should have been a thing instead of either The Clone Sage or this dated VR crap.

    25:43- Since when did this comic become a big budget Spider-Man porno spoof? If that’s the case, this should be called “Spider-Man: Home Cumming.”

    29:39- With the Friends reference, I expect to hear a mentioning of Peter and Mary Jane being “on a break.”

    I also called Donkey Kong at the end there. It’s still good to know that people have gotten smarter about their perspective on what virtual reality actually is.

    38:30- WHO YOU GONNA CALL!? (As Ray Stantz in Casper- “Someone else.”)

  11. I like how the VR dinosaur has a colossal beer belly.

  12. You don’t have to design a physical chip if you live in a virtual reality that is becoming real… you just need to design e create a virtual chip, then when the VR becomes real, the chip itself becomes physical.

  13. Happy 8th Anniversary Linkara! May Grimlord and his army of evil mutant robots never take over your reality “proudly flaunts his VR Trooper fan badge” XD

  14. ISignedUpJustToSayThis

    Is it inappropriate for me to say “Damn, Nella, you looking good!”

  15. that panel with Stunner…she looks shocked and the way that blue guy is all pixellated he looks like a mosaic censor. Kinda looks like she’s freaking out at a giant blue dick pick

  16. I wonder what Linkara’s thoughts are on the new Power Rangers movie reboot trailer?

  17. It’s great that connect to other shows here. I remember all of Dark Nella. It’s a pity the Nostalgia Chick left. I didn’t know virtual reality was back. That sounds really dorky. It’s too heavy to wear!

  18. I will say this… Before this(and last video), I had never heard of this ”Dark Nella” thing.

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