Spider-Man: Homecoming – Angry Movie Review

AngryJoe Reviews Spiderman: Homecoming the BEST Spiderman film to date! Holy crap go out and see this one!

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  1. Well, I’m going to see it next weekend. I think I’ll like it but I probably won’t love it.

  2. TragicGuineaPig

    No world-ending cataclysm: actually, that to me is refreshing. With most of the other Marvel films, we have that world-in-danger event; we could do with something a bit more grounded, on a more personal level rather than a planetary or cosmic scale.

    Let’s just hope that Mary Jane isn’t missing because Pete made some kind of deal with THE FREAKING DEVIL!

  3. The Real Silverstar

    One critic described this movie as being like an episode of Degrassi, if one of the kids was a superhero.

    I’ve always been basically “eh” about Spider-Man overall; I’ve never found his particular power set all that interesting nor his stories all that compelling; I’m generally more into mythic heroes who come from amazing places and have high-tech HQs and the like (I’m not really into street-level heroes) and I really don’t like high school stuff, but critics are eating this movie up and the buzz on Tom Holland is good (it’s worth mentioning that I was one of the few people who didn’t mind Andrew Garfield’s take on Peter Parker; it wasn’t necessarily right for the character, but I liked getting a smart science-loving kid who wasn’t a lame-dressing dork or an outcast for once), so I’m probably gonna go see it this week.

  4. I freakin’ love the movie. Why? Because it does something no other superhero movie has done yet…well, done well anyway. (SPOILERS, DON’T READ ANY FURTHER IF YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW.)

    In the end, Spidey fighting the Vulture…he lost. Spider-Man DIDN’T beat Vulture in the fight. He lost the battle, but won the war because of how their characters had interacted that far in the film and what that all led to. That is REALLY bold for a film with such strong archetypes.


    • TragicGuineaPig

      To do Venom justice, they’d have to just do a Symbiote trilogy. First movie, Spidey finds the Symbiote; at first he accepts it, but then has to fight it off when he learns its nefarious purpose. Second movie, the Symbiote attaches to Eddie Brock and seeks out Spidey, because Spidey knows what it really is and is the only person who can stop it. Spidey is only able to win because Brock isn’t totally evil. Third film, Carnage. I don’t think I need to say much else. Point is, you can’t do Venom unless you start with Spidey vs. the Symbiote. And no Saturday Night Fever dancing!

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